NLP Sleep Techniques


How do you use NLP for sleep, and specifically falling asleep?
I recently posted 3 videos infused with the latest science of positive psychology, meditation, and sleep research. I paired it alongside the use of NLP, as well as concepts of hypnosis.




NLP Sleep Videos:



  1. NLP & Sleep Overthinking Problems

    This video focuses on our ability to solve our problems, and use problem based thinking before we fall asleep. Which causes us to lie awake, solving our world’s problems. I aim to create a consciousness in this video about how the way we use our brain is completely ineffective, and how NLP can find a solution to this. If the brain is not properly used or directed, then it randomly starts doing things on its own. Usually those things are not effective.

  2. NLP & Sleep: Dissociate from the Day, and Associate Into the Positive

    In this NLP technique for sleep, I first teach how to dissociate from the day using quick visualization from an associated point of view. This is done by visualizing a single approximately 20 second burst of reviewing our day from an emotional point of view. One then processes the day emotionally, without getting stuck in any particular place. Then dissociation is used again, another 20 second burst, to step into a place of non-emotion. This process is short enough to avoid overthinking it. This allows for a simple positive psychology intervention to be used, to preoccupy the brain quickly with something positive.

  3. NLP & Sleep: Shutting Down the Body

    In this technique I used tools from the world of meditation, hypnosis, and sleep research, and mixed it up with a little bit of NLP. Where the first two videos are about emotions and thoughts, and to quiet those down in order to induce sleep, this last video is about shutting down the body, which often has been in overdrive all day. The video provides techniques to switch the body off for sleep.

Stay tuned to our blog and YouTube channel for more resources in the future as to how to use NLP for sleep.