NLP: Presenting in the Big Picture or the Details?


In NLP Master Practitioner, I teach one of my favorite “speed reading” tools, the meta programs. Though it initially took some practice and time to start using all of them, once I did know them all and could both consciously as well as unconsciously apply them, a whole new world opened up for me. It’s my special Jedi sword.

big pictureIn presenting information or teaching NLP or life coaching, I always like to know how people prefer information to be presented to them. And I listen for how they present information to me. I ask myself the question: do they present the big picture or the details? Or if a combination, is the big picture first and then the details, or is it the other way around?

Once I figure that out, then I present the information to them in the exact way they prefer. This offers them a place of comfort, and there is a greater chance that they will be satisfied with the amount of information I give. Especially when I pair it with other NLP tools or meta programs.

When presenting in groups, this NLP meta program can still be useful. I always make sure that I cover the big picture, and some details, though the order in which I present it may differ. I also find it helpful to present the big picture first, then some details. I then take questions, allowing for a little more detail, and then do a quick overview again presenting the big picture. As an NLP trainer, I have learned that most information needs to be presented at least 7 times in some way, for the information to lock in. Satisfying the needs for both the big picture as well as the details allows you to be a more effective NLP Practitioner.