NLP Phone Based Coaching Tip


This article is a transcription of the video shown below:

I do a lot of coaching over the phone, but there are also clients that I don’t take for phone-based coaching. That’s because I at least want to have a few face-to-face sessions with someone first, or get to know them a little better before I’m willing to flip to phone-based coaching. I need that rapport, I need to have that face time, that connection.

But I don’t always have that benefit, sometimes I get referred a person that I’ve never seen in person. My rule of thumb is that the tools that I am able to apply over the phone need to be fitting for the coaching topic and the problem presented within the coaching session. If I feel that the problems are too big to deal with over the phone, I simply don’t do it. So that’s a little bit of a judgement call.

Now NLP Master Practitioners I teach how to design, which means that you can also go over the different ingredients of NLP and decide what would or wouldn’t work over the phone. For those things you have a hard time figuring out how to implement over the phone, be creative, reflect on it, brainstorm with yourself or others. If you really cannot make it fit over the phone, then don’t pick up the phone. Not the client for you, it’s a reason to refer out.