NLP Perceptual Positions: 4th Position

NLP Perceptual Positions

Traditionally 3 perceptual positions are taught in NLP Practitioner training.

First perceptual position: position of self. What does the world look like standing in your own shoes?

Second perceptual position: position of other. What does the world look like if you would be standing in someone else’s shoes?

Third perceptual position: position of observer. What does the world look like from a neutral or observer position?

The 4th perceptual position takes more of a world view.


What does the world look like through the eyes of the company as a whole?

If we look at this problem through the eyes of the family has a whole, what do we learn?

If we look at this new marketing campaign, how is it perceived through the eyes of a specific age group or gender?

What do we learn if we look at ourselves through the eyes of God? Or the Universe? Allah?

What do we learn about our relationship, looking through the eyes of all our children?

How is your speech received, by the audience as a whole?

How does this impact the entire department?

How does the nation view the royal wedding?

This really covers all positions, and ultimately will improve your NLP based coaching. Especially dealing with clients whom require coaching where the greater whole is important. People with large commitments to god, family or the organization they work for, this is an important position. Also in Asian cultures, may decisions are made based on the impact on the family as a whole.