NLP Pattern for Abandoned New Years Resolutions


NLP Pattern coming to the rescue here!

An NLP trainer 10 kilometers high in the air approaching Greenland over the Atlantic Ocean on January 7th … and I sit here pondering how many people have already abandoned their New Year’s resolutions. I know I have abandoned one already: the one where I was supposed to get a minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep each night. Oops, I forgot to apply the NLP pattern for Early Bedtime. Honestly, I failed more already than I have succeeded. Even pondered, “will sleeping 8 hours on a flight would somehow give me bragging rights that I am indeed still on track?” No.

I know I am not alone. Am I right? So here we go: an NLP pattern to get back on track in just a few easy steps.

NLP Pattern to Get Back on Trackembarassed

This NLP pattern is for those who already have decided to recommit, and want a little extra motivation.

1. Stand in the middle of the floor (you need some space to walk.)

2. Close your eyes, and imagine that you are standing on a line. This is a timeline of some sort, where you are standing in the present.

3. I want you to get a sense that behind you on this line is December 31st. Slowly take step backwards until you are standing on that spot on the line that is December 31st.

4. See, hear and feel exactly what you did at that moment in time (associate for those you familiar with NLP.) Make this sensation very strong.

5. Ask yourself the following questions:
a. What would happen if I stuck to this New Year’s resolution?
b. How would that be inline with my values?
c. How would it impact others? (children, significant others, etc.)
d. How would it change my life?

6. Now start playing a movie of January 1st onwards, while you slowly step forward on your line. You are going to slowly walk the line as your movie plays. This is a good news movie. This is you sticking to your New Year’s resolution, as an epic hero, starring in your Oscar winning role as seen through your eyes. What would you see, hear, and feel if you stuck by your resolutions on January 2nd, 3rd etc. What specifically would that be like?

7. Keep moving towards the present.

8. Then move to the future, stopping after 21 days in the future!

9. Imagine if your New Year’s resolution could fully and easily be achieved. What will happen if you succeed?

There are several NLP videos available about motivation and goals:

Visit: Global NLP TV

An example:


This should help you get back on track. Enjoy this simple NLP pattern…I just made it up!