NLP Parents: Raising an Amazing Child


This article is a transcript of the following video:

So this is an NLP pattern that I designed in Bali, Indonesia where there’s a lot of parents in class with different kinds of children with different kinds of behaviors. So, how can you raise an amazing child?

Now the first thing that I want you to do is I want you to consider your past: your own parents, people that you met that are amazing role models, not just parenting role models but also role models of heroes, that you either have personally met or know through, let’s say, the public scene, like Nelson Mandela or something like that. What are some of the values that they carry out? What do they stand for? Now you don’t want to specifically determine I want my child to be a doctor or something like that because you want to give your child some freedom and choices here. But what are some of the qualities that I’d like my child to have or have in their life the moment that they’re 21 or even 31 for that matter. What are the values that I want them to carry out and understand and how happy do I wish my child to be? Of course very happy.

The moment that you get some clarity in that, what you do is future pace. You look at your child on let’s say their 21st birthday or their 31st birthday, or you could even do both, and you kind of go what would my child be doing, what would my child be like at that moment in time having been taught these behaviors, having been supported in these behaviors, and all the parenting and learning leading up to that particular place.

Then what you do is you float your awareness inside the shoes of your future child as an adult. You look at the world through their eyes. What is the happiness that they feel? What would their friendship and relationships be like? What kind of amazing education and opportunities they have had? Would they be traveling or not? Would they have a sense of humor or not? Would they operate from a place of love and service, whatever it is?

Then you go back in time. You go back in time and you think about when my child is 20, what kind of parenting am I doing at that moment in time? 19. 18. 17. You can choose to do that from not stepping into any position, any perceptual position of NLP, but you can also choose to travel, for instance, dissociation, association in a child, or from your own first perceptual position. Those are all things that you can choose to implement. you go all the way back to birth as to what your role would be and where your child would be in terms of rearing them towards happiness and all these amazing values. That’s that mini pattern, and I hope you enjoy it, thanks.