NLP Master: Chunking Up to Core State


So how do you chunk up? Make sure you first watch the video about flipping to the positive intent behind negative behavior or negative self-talk, or un-resourceful states:

NLP Master Practitioner: Positive Intent

In essence, chunking up is sort of like starting with a golden, delicious apple that I bought in whatever store at 9:00am in the morning, that was picked at 5:00am, and comes from wherever, has two brown spots, is red and yellow, about this big, etc etc. Chunk that up: it’s a golden, delicious apple. Chunk that up, it’s an apple. Chunk that up, that’s fruit. Chunk that up, it’s food.

Now, as a Master Practitioner, you can really allow for deeper unconscious more magnified states like chunking up to the core state. So, you flip to the positive intent. Let’s say for example we’re dealing with someone who gives us the positive intent, security, or comfort. The question is, what are security or comfort part of that’s even more important and larger than that? If you step into safety and security, what do safety and security lead to that’s even more important and larger than that? What is it a metaphor for? What is it symbolic for that’s higher and more important than that?

In your manual, Global NLP Master Practitioner Manual, you can find more ideas because it largely follows the same sequence in discovering someone’s unconscious values. So you’ll find it in the values section. That is then repeated in the Core Transformation and Parts Integration sections, as well and other places in your manuals. You inherently chunk that up to the core state. In another video, I will help you discover how you know that you got someone into core state.