NLP Life Coaching vs Other Coaching


This article is a transcript of the following video:

I’ve been a coach since 1997 and I’m an NLP trainer and a coach trainer, and I’ve trained and retrained coaches from all over the world. Now a coach, it’s not so much where you’re certified or what body you’re part of, in fact the real reason why you’re hired as a coach is because you get results. I don’t have to do any marketing as a coach. I haven’t for years. People find me through my training referrals and just because I deliver results.

Now I don’t do cookie-cutter coaching. I don’t teach my students that either. A lot of people are often trained without even meeting their trainer, or without having their coaching sessions watched. They learn how to do form-based coaching where one size fits all. Now they don’t know how to deal with things like limiting beliefs, or how to switch from an un-resourceful to a resourceful state, no clue about how to deal with fear or phobias or things like that.

NLP offers a toolset that can answer how you question someone to get stuff moved from their unconscious mind to their conscious mind, but also how you make unconscious patterns and behavior that we have conscious again. We also teach you how to speak in a way that will surely inspire and fire up your client. So that is an effective thing to do. The patterns offer you the ability to truly work in the past, present, and the future. It’s not like therapy because that’s for therapists, not for coaches.

But a good NLP Master Practitioner, and the reason why a good training company will spend a good amount of time in Master Practitioner, is pattern design. I always hammer on that because if a coach can design patterns then they can start working with things like grief, or shame, or negative emotions in the past, things like that. Any challenge that a client may bring to you can be solved, custom, with results that are not things really things you can hand over, but a nice conversation and a form. So it requires a little bit more work than that.