NLP for Jet Lag


NLP for Jet Lag? Given that I travel a lot to Asia and the USA as an NLP Trainer, I am very familiar with the topic. In my 20s, I was hypnotized by another NLP trainer to sleep on planes, which made jet lag easier. In my early 30s, I was sick and one of the symptoms was insomnia, for which I devised some NLP tricks. In my late 30s, I had to start using NLP on the flight and when I was home. But it seemed as soon as my 40th birthday came around, also that wasn’t sufficient anymore. It didn’t matter if I slept on the flight, the first night at home I would sleep, and then the tap dancing begun. Three days later, I would be crying and not functioning properly.

For a few years I tried to following.
1. Eating light or not at all on the flight. Hydrate!

2. Using an App to adjust times before flying and during flying.

3. Using several apps to be hypnotized to fall asleep.

4. Melatonin.

5. These no-jet lag pills that you start taking before and during the flight.

6. Experimenting with different suggestions online, in terms of when to go to sleep and when to wake up.

7. A flickering LED light device, with pulsating sounds.

All the things only helped a little, and did not solve the problem.Light Bulb 300

Until I discovered the magic combination. This has successfully held up during a trip from Amsterdam to Los Angeles, 2 trips to Bali, and 3 tips to Miami. My friends are nothing sort of shocked, that I can get off a plane and am totally fine now! I recommended others to do the same with great results. The solution for jet lag is part NLP, and part supplements.

The NLP Solution



Spacing Out While In Flight – Self Hypnosis

I use a technique called “expanded awareness”, which is inherently self-hypnosis. I use it as much as I can on the flight. I pick a spot above eye level that I can focus on. I stare at the spot with full awareness. I start to expand my awareness (vision), wider while focusing on the spot. It is like taking a panorama shot. I keep going wider and wider, until I actually get a sense that I can see unconsciously behind me. This changes the brain waves through self-hypnosis. In a sense it is changing the NLP submodalities of what I am seeing. I space out. I often do this by the way, with some noise canceling headphones on, or ear plugs. Sometimes, once I am sufficiently spaced out enough and the airplane lights are OFF (the airline crew is actually trying to mimic night time for you intentionally), I put on an eye mask. Sometimes I sleep, sometimes I don’t. But I arrive fully rested this way.

The NLP Falling Asleep Remedy

When I suffered from insomnia about a decade ago as a symptom of a physical condition. I solved my problem, with this tool. This is now backed up by science!

The Hotel Room Version of the NLP Pattern to Promote Falling Asleep.

  1. I imagine a normal brightness image of a hotel room I once slept in, I dim it slowly, until I see blank. This takes 5-15 seconds. It makes it impossible to think in this process. The number of seconds I choose, relates to the fact whether or not I can stop my thinking. Sometimes I reduce down to 3 seconds, if that is what is required.
  2. I immediately take another hotel room, and I repeat the process.
  3. Repeat until I am asleep.

Sometimes I do alternative versions, where I give myself a tour around the room or imagine beaches I have been on throughout my life time, or other nice nature areas and mountains.

The nice thing is, yesterday a former NLP Training student and fellow NLP trainer sent me some articles that indicate this is now scientifically tested and proven. They did a study where only random objects were used, and they did not think to use NLP submodalities (in this case fading out to make it dimmer and dimmer, until I get a blank wasn’t done.) The important thing is that you pick images and NOT have a thought process at all.

Utilizing the Right What-If Scenario

When I catch myself at any point doing a what-if scenario of doom, I change it. The what if scenario is me negatively talking to myself, and often in my minds eye imagining the fact that I am going to get or have jet lag. Sometimes I would even talk about it out loud to others “I will get jet lag once I am home”, or “jet lag is going to start now.” Right, now I intentionally imagine a red stop sign, and say inside my head loudly “STOP!” Then I run an amazing alternate version of the “what-if” scenario, one where I can be excited to be free of jet lag, and have normal sleeping patterns. I also talk about it to others in this way. For me, as I have done this so often now, and I have a really good coding brain thanks to a lot of NLP. It has become automatic to think this way.




All the supplements I take are extremely high grade, completely natural, GMO free, vegan. And I order them all through one company Purium in the USA, and Platinum in Europe. And the above NLP tools for jet lag are rendered useless if the biology of your body isn’t aided in the process.

A Few Days Before the Flight

Optional: Three to five days before the flight I start taking extremely high grade Cracked Cell Chlorella, two times a day 10-15 pills. I continue this for 1 week after the flight. This is to purge myself of the toxins involved.

During the Flight


At the airport, I take 2 scoops of Purium (USA) or Platinum (Europe) Apple-Berry power shake, full of superfoods inside water. This is like a meal replacement. I put 10-15 drops of Ionic Elements (or SuperLytes) in there, which contains 70 electrolytes (where a normal rehydration or energy drink only has a few, and are often full of junk and chemicals.) I usually do this again on the plane (sometimes twice.) This avoids me to put any airport or airplane food inside my body. Instead I load my body with healthy nectar from the gods as I would like to call it. It also helps me to keep to keep eating light, and hydrate, both have been scientifically proven to help with jet lag. I continue to replace my breakfast and lunch with these same shakes once I am home, and as long as I am retaining water. Did you know that post-flight for a few days at least you are 2-3 pounds heavier?

I avoid eating carbs or crappy food on the flight as much as I can. The shakes can actually tie me over beautifully, but sometimes I do take some nuts and apples with me. I only touch the airplane food, if I really have to, and then I pick-off my plate usually the stuff that are meat, salads, or vegetables. Not the potatoes, rice, pasta, bread and pastries.

At Home

Then true magic its taken. Alongside your tools using NLP for jet lag.

A must: About 30-45 minutes before I go to sleep, I take a glass of water with:

– a table spoon of Apothe-cherry, this is extremely highly concentrated top quality tart cherry juice. This helps me to fall asleep (melatonin from nature.)
– a table spoon of 40X Aloe, again highly concentrated and top quality liquid Aloe. This helps me to stay asleep as long as possible. A deep sleep remedy from nature!purium_vitalchew

Optional: I continue to replace my breakfast and lunch with the Apple-berry super food shakes with ionic elements.

I cut off drinking coffee and other caffeinated drinks at 2 PM. I also cut off bread, potatoes, rice, pasta etc. because they make me tired at the wrong times.

USA shopping list and order:

– 10 day transformation (product 11157-AB)
– 40X Aloe
– Cracked Cell Chlorella
You don’t need to buy the Ionic element drops, because the Superlytes are the same deal. These are part of the 10 day transformation.

Visit the Purium Shop. 
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If you want to just order the 40X Aloe and the Apothecherry, that’s fine too. I would recommend buying the Ionic elements with it for re-hydration which is a huge factor! You can stick them in water or normal juice during the day. The thing is if you order the full transformation product, it comes with the the Superlytes (Ionic Elements), comes with Super Amino natural protein pills that can help with muscle gain, a shaker bottle, as well as detox cleanse pills. Especially, if you are coach you want to test out the full 10 day transformation, so you can recommend it to your clients (even become a distributor yourself and get discounts on future orders.)

Europe shopping list and order:

– Transformation Pack (I like the Berry option)
– 40X Aloe

Visit the Platinum ShopTake the “Transformation Pack”, and at the bottom you see a link to the quick shop, where you can purchase the 40X Aloe.
To get 50 Euro off using discount code: globalnlp

If you want to just order the 40X Aloe and the Apothecherry, do exactly the same and go to the bottom to the quick shop link, where you can purchase the 40X Aloe. I strongly recommend ordering the Ionic Elements with it because of re-hydration, you can stick them in a glass of water or a normal juice during the day. The thing is if you order the full transformation product, it comes with the Ionic Elements, comes with MAPP natural protein pills that can help with muscle gain, shaker bottle, as well as detox cleanse pills. Especially, if you are a coach you want to test out the full 10 day transformation, so you can recommend it to your clients (even become a distributor yourself and get discounts on future orders.)

What Else?

Vitamin D (you won’t get enough from the sun), is a VERY smart thing to always take, but especially during jet lag. Your body needs it at this time! My vitamin D actually comes from a high grade product I buy to supplement for the perfect balance of Omega 3 and 6. Just so you know, after taking other Omega’s for years no trace of them showed up inside my system after blood testing. Which is why I ended up switching to these on a daily basis. You can find more information about this on the Zinzino website. This is not Vegan (fish.)

If that is a little much, get lots of sunlight and fresh air.Jetlag3

Be in movement a LOT, and play with your brain using NLP to help with your jet lag.

Now if you are an NP Practitioner or a coach, remember that there are a lot of different other ways that you can use NLP for jet lag. Please leave your recommendations below for others as to how you use NLP for jet lag.