NLP: How Do Happiness & Change Work?


So far in this happiness series, we have covered:

  1. How to determine your level of happiness using the life wheel, the Jedi lightsaber of a life coach, and various exercises augmented with tools taught in a quality NLP training. Covered in this article:
    NLP & Testing Happiness: How Happy Are You?
  2. We did the same for the scientific definition: PERMA. Covered in this article:
    Science & NLP: The Definition of Happiness
  3. And last time we covered the values elicitation taught in our Global NLP Training Master Practitioner class. Covered in this article:
    NLP Training: Values & Happiness

This week, we need to get an even better understanding about happiness and how to become happy, by looking at where “levels” of happiness or obstacles may be. For this, you need the levels of change graphic provided with the free Global NLP Training Happiness Guidebook that accompanies this three month series, found on our website here.

Lowest and most conscious level: Environment
This is the level that we can most easily see, hear, and feel. Answer who and what specifically? (Meta-model questions taught inside NLP training).

A Little Less Conscious Than That and a Step Higher: Behaviors (& Habits)
Those things that we habitually do on a day-to-day basis on auto-pilot.

Less Conscious: Abilities and Skills
What are the skills and abilities you learned in school? In life? Maybe you have mastery.

Less Conscious, a Step Higher: Values
Yes, the values you completed last time, in this article:
NLP Training: Values & Happiness

Less Conscious, a Step Higher: Identity
Who are you specifically?

Less Conscious Than That and the Highest Level: Source
These are topics like meaning and purpose, but also what you believe in that’s larger than you.

Now any changes in the bottom part of the pyramid may shift things higher up. Any changes in the top section of the pyramid will trickle down.

For an explanation video, watch these instructions:

Knowing this, and by completing the exercises of the previous weeks, which area seems to require the most work in terms of change required when you look at this pyramid? What is preventing you from being 100% on PERMA scores as well as your life wheel?

Last time we asked the same question. What goal should you be setting? Perhaps the goal you thought of in the previous week remains the same maybe it doesn’t. What would you see, hear, and feel the moment you reach this goal?

If most changes need to be done on a source level:
I recommend taking Global NLP training, or seeking out one of our more experienced former students. Another option is to start making more changes on the lower levels. The more impactful and more prominent they are, the more likely that they are going to trickle up.

If most changes need to be done on an identity level:
In essence this is answered the same as the source level. What may help is taking a personality assessment or an Emotional Intelligence assessment.

If most changes need to be done on a values level:

  1. Pick a series of small tasks that you could do once a week to lead a life truer to your values.
  2. Pick one small talk you are going to do daily to lead a life truer to your values.
  3. You could consider setting a goal on this topic.

If most changes need to be done regarding the skills and capabilities level:

  1. Consider setting a goal that allows you to master or learn this skill that you are after.
  2. Take a course.
  3. Read a book.
  4. Practice your (new) skill. Remember that anything involving starting to learn comes with a few speed bumps. Mastery is always achieved through failure that gives you feedback.

If on a behavior level:

  1. Consider setting a goal & tasks.
  2. Hire one of the former students of Global NLP training or one of the trainers to do a New Behavior Generator.

If on an environmental level:
Same as above.

Next week we are going to cover the topic of goal setting using NLP based goal setting (based on studies of successful people) as well as a very similar but more straightforward way of goal setting developed by scientists (developed inside a laboratory, testing a cross-section of society).

Interested in Taking an NLP Training:
NLP Practitioner & Motivational Coaching: Allows for you to make significant leaps and remove major obstacles (that may trickle up) on the environmental, behavioral, and skills and capabilities levels.

NLP Master Practitioner & Life Coaching: Allows you to make meaningful connections and discoveries on the values, identity, and source level.

Both classes can be taken separately or at once as part of an immersion NLP training.