NLP Future Pacing


This article is a transcript of the following video:

So stepping into a 10-day cleanse, one thing that I have been doing a lot in preparation of the cleanse (and I plan to continue to do during the cleanse) is to imagine exactly what I would see, hear, and feel when the cleanse is over, what I would see in the mirror, how I would feel on the inside, etc. Associating into that moment in time, visualizing exactly what I would see, hear, and feel, is a huge way to set up the unconscious mind to actually motivate yourself that it is worth it.

Usually when we start a goal, we’re at the bottom of the mountain, and when we look up it looks very high. But, when we pretend what it would be like to be on top of the mountain, then it becomes a huge motivator to kind of make it your way. Your brain can’t understand the difference between what’s really happening to you or what you imagine. You will feel the emotions of standing on top of that mountain.

So I suggest that on a daily basis you spend a couple of seconds just imagining how amazing you will feel after the cleanse is over.