NLP Future Pacing with More Power


This article is a transcript of the following video:

So, how to give a little bit more to your future pacing. A lot of people, when they’ve just learned Practitioner, they kind of look at future pacing more like solidifying it in the brain, stuff like that. But there’s a huge opportunity there.

For instance, you could use an anchor alongside it, as well as 4-tupling the experience, to truly associate someone in their future, like reaching a goal or something like that, to really focus on what somebody would see, hear, and feel, who would be there, what the other people would be saying, what you say to yourself. To really elicit that state, speed up your voice, put a little bit more power into your voice, use your tonality, provide an Oscar-winning performance to truly step someone into that.

Why not combine it with state elicitation much like you do to set an anchor? You wait for that point right before it peaks and you anchor the future pace and the emotion that comes with the future pace. Then you make NLP multifunctional and you can add it to your own designs.