NLP for the Right Food Choice


This article is a transcript of the following video:

Every NLP training, I interview one person as to what their strategy is for choosing the right meal, and this is someone who does incredibly well naturally in weight management. I can guarantee you that some of the steps that I have found are not steps that are taken by people that aren’t very good in weight management. They have other strategies.

Now the strategy of a whole of one person to the next may be a little bit different. There are commonalities that I found in steps that almost every single person that I’ve ever talked to has had. The first thing is they go inside and figure out how hungry they are, so they evaluate that. Based on that, not just the amount but also the type of food is chosen.

The second thing they do is they imagine how they would feel an hour from now after eating this meal, how energized would they be, how balanced they would feel, what emotional state, what are the activities that they still need to do, and based on that a decision is made.

So, step 1 and step 2 are inherently combined in the end to make the right food choice. Then there is also for most people a third step: what will the flavor be like, what will this taste like in this particular place, or how will I prepare it or by whom will it be prepared. So that does come into the equation. So, this pattern is very, very different than someone who doesn’t have this strategy. In another video I will break down how you can teach yourself this system.