NLP in Florida: Hurricane Irma Technique


NLP Training in Florida during a hurricane? Well it almost happened. We were only 4 days into our NLP training in Florida when our students and trainers were forced to evacuate Miami. Hurricane Irma was coming. Though our students made it out of state on time, Global NLP Training found themselves in Orlando, Florida.

Being locked up in a hotel in Orlando allowed for a good moment to create an NLP technique to deal with anxiety. This anxiety is partially in the present, as you see and hear disturbing things, and are under threat.

Part 1 – Presenting Problem: Loud Unnerving Sounds

  1. Imagine, in your mind, loud playing music that calms you or makes you feel good.
  2. Push the external sound into the background, further away from you.
  3. Lower the volume of the external sound.

Generally, put the internal sound you imagine into the foreground, while forcing the external sound into the background.

Part 2 – Presenting Problem:  Disturbing Sights

  1. Dissociate: Imagine stepping outside of yourself, where you become an observer of yourself as well as the environment. It is, in a sense, a kinesthetic decision, and you could step physically into a different spot.
  2. Dissociate: In your imagination, see yourself on a movie screen, inside the environment.
  3. Dissociate: In your imagination, turn what you are seeing into black and white.

Part 3 – Presenting Problem: Negative “What If”
Consider these steps when in a situation with potential for danger, and in which something horrible could happen in the near future.

  1. See a movie of yourself in your imagination after the event is over, and once everything has turned out fine. This forms a dissociated future pace in a positive place (dissociation in the future).
  2. Rewind the movie quickly from this point, but slowly enough that you can see it. Imagine the sounds backwards and the images backwards, up until the present time. Imagine everything moving faster than real time.
  3. Then associate again back into yourself after the event is over when everything is fine. Make sure you see it as associated, which you do by seeing exactly what you would see in that moment, hear what you would hear, and feel what you would feel, looking through your own eyes.

Think about the lessons you are learning at this moment in time. Is there anything you can be grateful for?

If you are wondering what happened to our students, everyone got out safe, and everyone will be returning to a future NLP training session in Florida.