NLP Fast Phobia Cure for Kids?


Should you do the NLP fast phobia cure on children? This is not an easy answer, as the age of the child is a big factor. The difference between a fear and a phobia is that a phobia is more irrational than a fear. The problem is, kids have wild imaginations, so most fears can quickly be considered irrational.

First off, it would be difficult to properly explain the steps to a very young child. And second, should you attempt this in the first place?

No parent wants to see their child in pain, which is why they often seek help from professionals for someone to fix their child’s phobia or fear. Something important which should be understood is that before age 7 we do an extraordinary amount of development, and part of that makes us feel out of balance. We experience fears because we gain new levels of independence slowly (like sleeping in a real bed alone), new information from all the lessons we learn, and feeling unsure about many things. Often kids turn this into fears of things like the dark, or monsters under the bed, etc. Overcoming fears and stresses like this are part of childhood development and offer many lessons to children. You should not want to fix a phobia in most cases, because there inherently is nothing out of the ordinary going on in most cases. Most often there isn’t an actual phobia for the child, it is just the adults that want to attach the title to it. Here’s what I mean:

When a parent starts panicking over a child’s fear, they could actually instill a phobia. Or the child could believe they are “broken” and not like the other kids (who in most cases also have fears). And like it or not, the moment you take your child to a coach for a fast phobia cure, the child may think they are more “broken” than the other children in school. The reality is: a child having fears is perfectly normal in most cases.

A big question is should you do the fast phobia cure on children aged 7 and up? Unless it is very extreme and a special circumstance I am not a huge fan on doing fast phobia cures on children and young teenagers. Because young teenagers also have so many new experiences in their life, and things that don’t always make sense such as hormonal shifts, independence, etc. These changes can be expressed through different fears.  My reasoning is pretty much the same as this with younger children.

For me personally, an NLP fast phobia cure is off the table for kids in most cases, until someone is 15 years or older.