NLP Eye Accessing Tips by Global NLP Training


NLP eye accessing tips neatly displayed inside an infographic. Feel free to share!
gnlp - infographic 1a

What is NLP Eye Accessing?

Some people call these also NLP eye patterns.

It is gives insight how people uses their brain:

My right and up (the infographic displays an image, which is “as you are looking at another person.”)

My right and up: an image someone has seen before, a remembered image.

My left and up: an imagine that someone imagines, someone needs to create it.

My right and to the side: a remembered sound.

My left and to the side: an imagined sound, someone needs to create the sound in his/her mind.

My right and down: self-talk, someone is talking to himself/herself.

My left and down: a feeling or a kinesthetic sensation.


5 Easy Tips to improve eye accessing!

1. Ask the right questions. For example “what does the inside of your living room look like?”

2. As with anything in NLP, practice is key. The name NLP Practitioner says it all: that means you need to practice NLP. You can easily observe eye accessing while watching an interview on TV, while you are having lunch with a friend, or during a business meeting.

3. Not everyone is constructed the same way. The above explains the most common eye pattern, which in our experience is about 90% of the people. If someone follows a different pattern (usually  visual remember and visual constructed image being reversed), then you can observe this. They will follow a consistent pattern still.

4. Train yourself to listen and watch! Be considerate.

5. Some people hide kinesthetic inside a blink. You can easily observe this though.