NLP: Different Types of Motivation


This article is a transcription of the following video from our YouTube channel:

Hi from Copenhagen, Denmark. I wanted to have a little chat about motivation in terms of the NLP meta programs. Broadly speaking, there are two types of motivation. There is “toward motivation,” which is about what you can attain, what are your goals, what do you wish to be, what do you wish to accomplish. Then there is “away motivation.” Away motivation is basically what do you want to get away from, what is it that you don’t like, what is it that you’re trying to avoid, what are you trying to get away from.

Now you can be, for instance, equally split half toward motivated, half away motivated. Maybe you are predominantly away motivated and a little bit towards. In any case, there is a pattern and you can observe that pattern very easily in other people. People who are strictly toward motivated tend to talk about their goals, their dreams, what they’re doing, what they like about what they’re up to. Away motivated people tend to talk about what they don’t like, they’re absolute experts at that. So, if you notice that pattern in other people, if they’re strictly one or the other or a combination, you have some predictability as to how you should motivate another person.