NLP Courses Worldwide – USA vs. Europe


NLP courses are given worldwide, but there are some important considerations for students in their planning. Students don’t always opt to take or re-take their training in the country where they live; for many reasons they choose to take their NLP courses on the other side of the world.

Here are some considerations for taking or re-taking your courses:

1. The ability to retake your NLP courses worldwide, for free or for a small expense, is something that European training providers do not tend to offer. In the USA this is more common.  We do this in the USA and Europe, at the expense of the cost for coffee only.

2. NLP courses in the USA tend to be much cheaper than in Europe. This isn’t so much about quality, but has everything to do with the expenses involved in running a training. It is not uncommon to find that the price of a training in the UK is equal to the total cost of taking a training at the beach in Miami with the hotel and flight included.

NLP-courses-worldwide3. NLP courses given in different destinations have a different culture. NLP courses in the Dutch language for instance, draw mostly Dutch people, while a training in English in the UK would predominantly have people from UK present. However, NLP courses taught in English inside the Netherlands literally draw people from all over the world. It depends on your preferences, if you wish to do your NLP course with a worldwide appeal or not.

4. Interestingly, NLP courses in the USA draw a different range of people depending on the location. Courses held in Vermont may not draw an international crowd. But courses held in beach destinations in the USA do. The appeal of training in California is there for people from all over the world. Miami has a similar appeal, but also 1/3rd of the students come from Latin and South American cultures. We usually have 3 or more continents present inside any of our NLP courses given worldwide.

5. In the USA the training ramps up quickly, people are generally more open to share, and ready to jump into the whole experience from the get go. In Europe, initially people need time to adjust, observe, and then jump in. I find however, that on the 4th day the classes aren’t that much different. It only on occasion happens that, due to demographics, the USA becomes an intense experience that is freely expressed, while in Europe it is an intense experience that is treasured internally in a more contained way. I can only speak for NLP Courses that are specifically marketed worldwide.

6. I would recommend taking NLP courses where at least one of the trainers is from Europe and one from the USA. This allows for a good mix, and better learning, as culture inside an NLP course is a factor.

7. In the USA it is more common that students do their NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner back to back in one go. Global NLP Training offers this both in Europe as well as the USA, and caters to those who want to have a true immersion experience, where they can form a close knit group with their fellow students. In Europe as far as I know, Global NLP Training is the only one that offers NLP courses back to back for Practitioner and Master Practitioner.

8. I would recommend actually doing your NLP courses on two sides of the world. For instance splitting your NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner over different geographic destinations, or retaking your NLP courses in another location. The latter would only work of course, if you train with a company that allows you to retake your NLP courses and does so worldwide.