NLP Coaching Exercise for Negative and Judgmental Clients

Negative and Judgmental Clients

Judgmental ClientsEveryone has a different map of the world, a different pair of glasses by which you experience the world if you will. What glasses do you view the world through? Fun, excitement and what goals can be reached? Or negativity, judgment and being critical (of yourself and others.)

Changing someone’s map from a deeper level requires more extensive exercises, coaching, and NLP based work. Though this simple exercise may be a way for your client to make some discoveries.

Prior to engaging with another person:

  1. Choose to put on glasses of curiosity.  You are deciding the view the world through, these glasses. The assumption that everyone has a life story, you can learn from every person, and that there is a possibility that you meet this person for a special purpose.
  2. Close your eyes, and imagine your communication with the person you are about to talk to. What do you see, hear and feel? How is viewing the world from a place of being curious different?
  3. What if you asked more questions? Genuinely listen, versus talking or thinking about what you are going to say next.
  4. What would happen if you purposely put this person in a better emotional state as when you found them? How would that change that in their response to you?
  5. What if you imagined stepping into the other person’s body, and experienced yourself talking to you? What is their map? What is their positive intention?
  6. How would keeping these glasses on change this communication?
  7. Would it make your day better?
  8. Would it be life changing if you kept the glasses?
  9. Open your eyes, and decide to keep the glasses on.
  10. Set a reminder in your calendar or smart phone stating the words “curiosity!” Perhaps in the calendar entry of the meeting, or to randomly pop at various points of the day when reminding is useful.

Keep in mind, as a coach, your job is to meet someone in their map of the world! Maintain a positive emotional state yourself.


  1. Another great reminder from my NLP Global trainings! It's fascinating to me that a simple exercise like this can help create such a brilliant life! Thank you NLP Global!