NLP and Seeing 400 Palm Trees


This article is a transcript of the following video:

After finishing up a training in Bali, Indonesia, a question asked during this training was if I could go over how to practice the program at home, even without other people.

One of the challenges is how to practice improving your visual, sensory acuity, noticing more visually inside the environment. This is very easy to practice. For instance, you could look in your yard or outside in your street let’s say at 8 o’clock in the morning before you leave home for work and do the exact same thing when you come back from work. What has changed in the meantime?

You can also try to notice more detail. So for instance, you can go into it looking around at what’s outside of you, and focus on one spot. Try to find as many details as possible. You could then close your eyes and find out if you memorized it. Another cool thing to do is to actually take a wide angle, practice what you see over there. Could you close your eyes and recall everything?

Another way to do this is, for instance, when you’re at the beach or something like that, or if you even look over here: can you spend some time noticing more details behind me in the trees? We may say it’s just green behind me, but what if you just try to detect the different colors of green, where one branch starts, where the leaf ends, what are the differences between the trees. For instance, there are about 450 different palm trees in the world. So, it may seem that we’re looking at the exact same type of palm tree over here, but in fact we are not.