NLP And Life Coach Training Amsterdam May 2013 Review


After the previous success of mixing Amsterdam with the Miami crew for life coach training and NLP Master Practitioner, I decided to bring the same team together in Amsterdam. This time mixing in Juel as a training assist. Once again in a new training location, right next to Amsterdam Central station with the most stunning view one could wish for with the canals and the old merchants houses  you see on the postcards as a backdrop. The doubletree even on top of the hotel offered one of the most spectacular views of the entire city.


The group of people who joined us here were much different than last training, I think best to be qualified as people in transition. Some from one job to another, some from corporate into coaching or entrepreneurial endeavors, and one phase of life to another. And also a surprising amount of trainers, and logical thinkers interested in personal development. NLP Prac for this training sold out as well, and while in NLP Practitioner several people decided to prolong their stay for the additional Master week. It always surprises me how people can move heaven, finances, sometimes children, work and well earth….and sign up for another week. I really can’t think of a higher compliment as a trainer, for someone to do that while they are still in the first class and had no plans of staying. The integration of an NLP Practitioner from a class a year ago went as usual perfect, despite her being nervous about it.

I had no idea, but this training was about to become extremely empowering for me.  Yes, again phenomenal changes among the students, great demos, and students doing stellar work on each other.

Why was it so empowering?

  1. My psychologist from the days I had Chronic Fatigue/ME, signed up for the class, in his words “because why would I train with anyone *but* her?” (He thinks I did an amazing job.)
  2. Unfortunately, right before the end of NLP Practitioner Benjamin had a personal emergency in the US. So there I stood….what now? I decided that I had no choice to teach the class myself with help of Juel. The energetic output would be tremendous I realized. But teaching 13 days out of 15 would be a tremendous feat (think of the amount of demos!!!)
  3. I did a complete overhaul at last minute of 2 days of training for NLP Timelining in Master Practitioner, incorporating all the things I learned since I created the original program. And thus lifting the training up to a whole new level.

mirrorThe training was run at the same high quality standard as usual, OK the best ever. 😉 And my energy level?  Well I was supposed to organize my 40th birthday party on top of the hotel for convenience, but decided against my own personal rules to open my house to my students and former students instead! Which meant, in the evening time I had to clean up my house (don’t ask), shop for drinks and food.  To stand there after all massive demos and teaching done on Friday evening, on the celebration of my 40th year walking the world in my new home, with students, former students, my psychologist from the darkest time in my life, and students turned close friends and for completeness sake one of my closest friends I found among my students ( my Personal Trainer  in Amsterdam from The Absolute Training)….I felt so loved.

Thank you! Especially for those of you that were forced to blow up an insane amount of balloons with lips and mouth as tools only. And thank you for the mirror that was so beautifully hand crafted.

What I love about this group is not only what happened during the training, but after. They are meeting up together, organizing group gatherings, celebrating their birthdays together…..and the fun they are having as new friends is so rewarding to see as a teacher. And for me to be able to join them in their celebrations as well.

And….I know you guys love the bean bags. But they are huge. 🙂 Remember my living room is almost empty because I decided to start over when I moved.



  1. Hi Nicole,

    It was special to me to sign up for this class, where you as former client of mine, were one of the trainer of the class. Yes, I wanted to go to your training, because I knew you are committed to what you do, that you are intelligent and honest. I knew you would be good, but I also did answer the question ‘why would I train with anyone but her?’ with: ‘ Well, she is a former client, that might be awkward for Nicole (and me), I might want to look somewhere else.’ Which I did. After that search, I still wanted to go to you. When you said you were fine with me signing up, I was ok (happy!) with it as well…

    In the darkest time of your life, you did an amazing job and you continued to do so. By doing so, you are able to inspire other people to do the same and live their life to the fullest of their potential. It is wonderful to see how you do that! You are an inspiration to me and I learned a lot during the training. When Jose happily said on the first day: ‘Fasten your seat belts, there will be tears and smiles, you are in for a ride’, I sort of knew that the training would be very different than any other course I did before and that I would learn more than just NLP.

    Transformation was a big theme in our class. You, Jose and Juel were able to create a safe place, where were accepted and appreciated for who we are. Being connected with a group of people (experiencing unity), where everybody has a different background, is a wonderful experience in itself.Thank you all (incl. the class!!) for that!

    I am very happy with the fact that I did sign up for this class. I think you are great as a trainer and as a person. It is very special for me to read that me being your student, turned out to be an empowering experience for you! Thank you for letting me know, it means a lot to me.