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Who wants to play with my Personal Trainer (Chandra from Vitalchew) and myself in a 10 day transformation for health and weight loss? I did the 10 day transformation during an NLP training on Bali, kicked food addiction, lost a lot of weight, re-set my metabolism and felt amazing. I hope that a few people will join me and my Personal Trainer inside a Facebook group for 10 days. She is doing it for health reasons, I am doing it because I want to lose even more weight.

Three reasons to play:
1. Weight loss, cutting food addiction, speed up metabolism.
2. Health transformation and detox.
3. My Personal Trainer has agreed to support and consult for advise with anyone passionate about regaining health, new coaches, wellness -and health professionals personally to make sure the word spreads. She has decades of expert knowledge and success!

Vitalchew & Global NLP 10 Day Transformation

Date:  August 1st 2015 (you can also start later!)
Location: Facebook Private Group Vitalchew Global NLP 10 Day Transformation (Ask for an invite there! Or contact Nicole/comment below.)

Needed: 1. A healthy attitude, 2. Chandra’s health system consisting of healthy meal replacement shakes, fiber/chlorella/protein pills, hydration and mineral drops. 3. Three times a day raw organic vegetables.
Shipment from the USA (contact us for a coupon!)
Shipment from Europe  (contact us for a coupon!)
If you order from outside the USA or Europe, the USA is cheaper.

We will keep this group active after the start date, so you can start later too.



So what is my real story on this? A dirty secret of epic failure I kept for 5 years now…

For many I am considered an inspirational figure where it comes to proving that people can change their life drastically once they lead their life’s purpose and use some very cool tools! For me there is a level of duality in that, as there are in most things. It feels great to be looked at in this way, but this is a weird sensation when at the end of a training day what you really want is a big burger, a bigger plate of fries, and an even bigger bottle of wine! It is strange that people look at you as the hero with her purple cape on, but you know when the cape comes off, you are just you: a woman as wonderfully whole, and as wonderfully broken, as the next person.

Yes, I did find my way out of obesity, physical and mental illness. Life to me is a step-by-step process of traveling out of your adversities, while actively taking control over your brain and your soul, and creating well-being for yourself on a daily basis. To always be in evolution is a big part of my private world, but is also big in the more public world where I teach others. Though I am proud of the legacy, resume and also magnificence that my life holds, to me my past goals, successes, and failures are in the past, and therefore not an actual reality of the present or my future. I am really a girl that doesn’t look back much, who gets up in the morning, who is having fun somewhere, doing something she loves AND also overcoming some kind of adversity or problem at the same time. I look around my world most days, and there is always something I am working on changing, creating, fixing or wish to evolve into. The actual reality of the past years where it comes to my weight however was one of active self-forgiveness exercised on almost a daily basis. This really is another way of saying I messed up a lot. Because the dirty little secret is, I hit walls left and right where it comes to my weight in the past 4.5 years. It is safe to say that out of the 100 pounds of weight I lost, 80-85 of those I really have lost permanently with the new life style that comes with that (yay for me.) But the remaining 15-20 pounds are plagued with yo-yo, so I bounce up and down.nikkie before

Will power, NLP, belief work to fix food addiction, rubbing elbows with highflying weight and fitness professionals, and countless of hours in the gym mattered a huge deal! And they still do! I have all the emotional, physical and mental tools available to me, frankly at levels that most people do not have knowledge about or access to. So please do not contact me with your gluten free diets, the latest fitness rage, hypnosis, energy healing or any modality that you are educated about. Great if that works for you! Knowledge isn’t the problem, nor is it the lack of access to professionals.

There are a few factors involved, some of which are travel, time, and the (emotional/mental/physical) toll that NLP training has on me. But my real wall consists partially in strong physical addiction to starches, specifically pasta & bread. Impulse control seems to often be beaten by intense cravings for pasta & bread. Look, anyone can be good for a couple of months. I was good for a couple of years!!! And then with this weight loss high, I had to stop becoming obsessive so I could geek out over other things and go after those. My real issue is, other than my obsessive need for bread/pasta, that I equate fun with food and alcohol. And to reign in the latter two is the opposite of fun to me. Admittedly, I have a lot of fun.

Yes, before you start screaming detox, cleanse, south beach/gluten free diet at me … These leave me starving, wanting to eat other things, depleted, rob me of my muscles and launch me right back into yo-yo land. Yes the starch addiction is briefly beaten but I crave starches again as soon as one crouton has touched my lips. If this did work for you, I am happy for you. But I am not you. I am part of the people that just wants to have wine and a cheeseburger. If you are one of my people keep on reading!

chandra&nikkieSo this is where I am lucky. A former student, who became a close friend of mine, is also is my personal trainer. She is really one of the most extraordinary professionals and human beings in the world I have ever come across. She has carried me through the weight that I did drop permanently, but also has stood witness to my yo-yo. Truthfully, if I were my own client, I would have fired myself. Sure she did everything from teaching, offering practical approaches, systems, training me, and on occasion having really frustrated conversations. And talking to me about food is not just deeply personal, but it leaves me very vulnerable, especially when I know I am doing wrong, and she rightfully gets frustrated with me (as a professional, but also someone she loves is hurting herself!) I have cried many tears in the gym, sometimes of happiness, mostly out of hurt and frustration talking about food. I wish the world would just open up, and gobble me whole when I need to talk about the food I should be eating and can not bring myself to eat. In this process, I haven’t always honored her feelings, but retreated instead into fight or flight mode. Frankly, I am a wine loving, mac&cheese loving asshole at times! I make a lousy coaching client and a shitty friend. I even pull my eating bullshit (and worse, but let me spare you), right in front of her! The sick twisted rebel that I am. She is a better person than me.

For her clients, myself included, she always keeps searching for the latest science in health. She is meticulous. But where she excels is she doesn’t believe we are all Olympic athletes, with the mental and spiritual strength of the Dalai Lama. She also doesn’t think we are mother Theresa in a bar. She trains humans! Though it is true that she trains highly successful people, smart people, people who without exception are well above mediocrity. They run successful businesses, have successful jobs, busy parents, traveling through life adversities, and rack up the frequent flyer miles with various airlines. Just like me, just like everyone, they are also wonderfully whole and wonderfully broken.

She stumbled upon a 10 day system that can be run like a cleanse or a transformational diet. It is like NLP…easy, quick, effective, life changing and healthy! It is not like a system where you just stick yourself in detox, and spend your whole day juicing, starving, exhausted, unable to normally lead your life of work and travel, only to yo-yo right back up after. This system easily travels with you anywhere, completely natural, and contains more transformational elements that you couldn’t in a million years jam pack and gulp down in liters of green vegetable juice. The object isn’t just to just lose weight, detox and cleanse. But the combination and ingredients of these products re-set your metabolism, break your addictions, rev up your energy and you sleep like a rock! What I also noticed while on this system was that my thinking was very sharp, and I felt super energized and amazing the whole time. I actually wasn’t craving or wanting of anything. I had little pangs of hunger the first couple of days, and some mild headaches in the beginning coming off my coffee addiction. And I saved a LOT of time (and money) not cooking, ordering, and going to restaurants. The system came in a box with powders that turn into a green (super)food shake with a whole big list of green healthy well balanced and researched ingredients, paired with (high quality protein, chlorella, fiber) pills, and (mineral and hydration) drops. They even threw in a nice blender bottle! The best way to do it is with some raw foods 3 times a day. But I simply traveled with it to the NLP training on Bali, worked during the 10 days for 9-10 hours intensely (in the heat) and returned home void of addiction. This includes my addiction to bread and pasta! I did break the rules during the 10 days (so this can be done flexible and still yielded) because I pretty much ate as many vegetables and fruit as I wanted 3 times a day to avoid hunger almost entirely. In the last days, I didn’t eat much at all, because the shakes already made me feel so full. Also raw wasn’t an option for every meal, but I still dropped about 3-4 kilos in 10 days, felt fantastic, and SAVED so much time. It has been without a shadow of a doubt the easiest, healthiest and most yielding thing that I have ever done in a short amount of time. That’s why I want to go for another 10 day this summer! This time I will go all out because I am home and my work schedule is more normal. My personal trainer and friend will do it at the same time … because she will prove to me that I can also have fun without cheeseburgers and wine. That’s commitment! Anyone joining us???

Several other former students also tried the product, and they all lost 3-4 kilo! I personally make no money off this product, my friend gets a little kick-back, but she is the one giving you the coupon, the (personal) support, her time, and wants to collaborate with people passionate stepping on the right track long term, and/or to support a team of (new) coaches or wellness professionals for the future.  She can also help you sign-up as a distributor, so you can work with your clients, friends, and family. I recommend learning from her as an expert…and she wants to share.


  1. I am interested in joining your weight loss group. I am pre-diabetic and have tried to stick to veggies and fruits. However, after completing the NLP Prac/Master training, I came home and began eating everything that is not good for me, including ice-cream. So, how do I sign up?

  2. Thank you for letting us into your world. For showing us how human you are – and that every successful person (as you certainly are one) and every role model (that’s what you are for me) has their own struggles, failures and successes. Life is not linear. But two things stand out for me: you are one of those people who never, never, ever give up! And the importance of having friends that believe in us, even if we don’t.
    Love you for all you do, for who you are – and for having written this post.