Most Common Mistakes Learning the SWISH Pattern Part 1


In this article 10 common mistakes new NLP Practitioners make when they just have learned the SWISH pattern.

  1. Students initially getting the process, let themselves be thrown off by the confusion of someone else in the room.
  2. Students make either both images associated, or both dissociated. While the image of the habit is associated (you look through your own eyes), the image of what you wish to become is dissociated (you see yourself.)
  3. The dissociated 2nd image is not powerful enough to override the associated first image.
  4. The practitioner keeps trying a size and brightness swish (70% effective in my experience), while the client is more likely respond to not just respond to other submodalities (using distance for instance), but other modalities (like doing an auditory or kinesthetic SWISH.)
  5. They forget to blank the screen in between
  6. Something is wrong in the initial set-up already
  7. A client gets confused when the Practitioner creates confusion in their explanation of the set up.
  8. The client doesn’t SWISH fast enough, and the coach fails to instruct to change this.
  9. Applying the SWISH pattern in a situation where it is really not applicable.
  10. Trying to apply the SWISH pattern in a situation that really requires a bigger often Master Practitioner or custom designed technique.