Mind Paradise – 25 Reasons to Take Your NLP Training on Bali


Bali is literally a paradise for your mind, there are very few reasons against taking an NLP training in this location! Yet, some people still doubt if they should take NLP training closer to home or assume that training closer to home is better and cheaper. Neither actually is true in many cases.

Let’s be honest, there are way worse places to take NLP training than in Bali. It is really one of those bucket list experiences for many of our students who have been dreaming for years of taking their NLP training in paradise. It is really the perfect location, for so many different reasons — the stunning scenery, the people, the culture, and the island oozes with adventure as well as spirituality. In fact, the location where we train (near Ubud) is often dubbed the Spiritual center of the world and is a mecca for those seeking all things related to well-being and personal development. It is hard to throw a rock and not hit a temple or a yoga class! Want to take a class on Indonesian cooking, jewelry making, or batik? … Or experience a trek up a volcano, a sound bath, scuba diving, or a salt cave? Come to Bali! Bali is really a paradise for your body, mind, and spirit.

25 Reasons to take your NLP Training in Bali

  1. You can make your training full immersion, in 16 days go from knowing no NLP at all to NLP Master Practitioner.
  2. You can train inside the same programs that are offered in the most competitive NLP locations in the western world (the United States and Europe.)
  3. Truly disconnect from your work and life at home – focus!
  4. Leave home and then come back a better person and professional!
  5. Leave your worries, struggles, and burnouts behind and come home feeling better, with new tools and better mental health.
  6. An education and an ability to change your life in paradise.
  7. You can treat it like a retreat and a gift you give to yourself.
  8. You can combine training with a vacation or other activities in Bali.
  9. NLP trainings in Bali often are often held inside beautiful villas (and are a lot more relaxing and suitable than hotels.)
  10. Dip in the pool during breaks!
  11. In the evening enjoy everything Bali has to offer: massages, yoga, meditation, ayurveda, energy healing, etc.
  12. Everything is more relaxed in Bali, including teachers and other students.
  13. Show up in t-shirts and flip-flops.
  14. Train outside!
  15. If you have never traveled to Asia, it is a way to meet like-minded people without having to be alone.
  16. Be surrounded by the type of people who like to travel to locations such as Bali.
  17. Train with people who come to the island to learn more about personal development.
  18. Many people who go to Bali have an interest in adventure, wellness & spirituality.
  19. Taking advantage of having the ability to take a sleeping room inside the villa where the training is held.
  20. The NLP training itself can be better priced.
  21. Cheaper hotel rates!
  22. Save money on food and other expenses.
  23. Some programs allow you to go outside of the training venue, and engage with the people of the island.
  24. Some NLP training companies do a lot of good on the island and are active social entrepreneurs. They share making the world a better place with their students.
  25. Most of all, Bali is a paradise for your mind.

What is the best NLP training company in Bali?

Personally, I feel it is good practice to scrutinize any NLP training company operating on the island or anywhere in the world for that matter! Bali especially is known for new and inexperienced NLP trainers trying to start their companies. So research well if you are undecided about which company to train with.

You could consider:

1. Legitimate licensing – which means you either certify through the Society of NLP or ITANLP. As all other certifications are not endorsed by the creators of NLP.

2. Can you take the same quality NLP training program in Bali as the company gives in Europe and/or the United States – the most competitive environments with the best trainers?

3. Staying away from companies who only offer NLP training in Bali or just Bali and the country of origin of the trainer – a good trainer will have worked all over the world.

4. Is it full immersion training? Can you do NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner back-to-back?

5. Does the company have a Master Practitioner training and how many times a year are these taught?

6. Check youtube, you should be able to see your trainer teaching.

7. Ask for an actual brochure, rather than just a website.

8. Ask for a detailed syllabus that describes what happens each day in class in normal language, rather than jargon.

9. Ask for the trainer’s biography, and ask questions like how many students and classes the NLP trainers have taught, and in what locations.

10. How many classes did the company or trainer teach on the island already?

11. How long has the training company existed? (Tip, you can check the age of their website here.)

12. Verify what typically the number and type of nationalities are present.

13. Ask if the NLP training is taking place in a QUIET location – you don’t want to be inside tourist, party, or construction insanity!

14. Will you practice and work with local people during the class?

15. What is included with the training? Lodging, lunch, etc?

16. Can you speak to a former student, one who trained more recently and another who trained more than 10 years ago?

17. If you care about making the world a better place, you want to ask how the training benefits the local people. Do local people who work for foundations train for free? Do local people do the catering and printing? Etc.

18. What post-course offering is there? A shop? Other products.

19. Tip: a good NLP training company will be created well before the pandemic, and survived as a company!

We are proud to say that Global NLP Training on Bali:

  1. Was the first company to offer legitimate certification and high-quality training on the island.
  2. Is the only company with a verified and true international reputation teaching NLP on the island 2 – 3 times a year.
  3. Is the only company who brings in experienced trainers who are considered among the top trainers in the world.


For a syllabus and a brochure:

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I hope to see you soon, for your NLP training in Bali.