Marketing Coaching & NLP Services: Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

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Did you ever consider making your agreements, terms and conditions public?

You may be wondering why this is a good idea from a marketing perspective.

1. It makes your coaching company look legal, honest and transparent. No small print!

2. It shows that you run a serious well organized operation.

3. You clearly show you operate in the best interest of your client.

4. The client gains clarity on what exactly will happen if they cancel a session, or if they are unhappy with your work. It offers a security, for the time and money the client commits. Not to forget, the stakes of the client getting what they need out of the coaching sessions.Pen & Paper

5. Those coaches offering promises and guarantees, should be willing to legally commit to it if they are serious.

6. If you write that all information provided in your marketing materials are accurate, it may just elevate you to more trustworthy status than another coach who overpromises but under-delivers.

7. Committing to response times, to administrative questions, emergencies, etc. Is another form of telling the client, that they can comfortably work with you. You run a serious organized business.

8. You commit to operate within the law in terms of attitude, conduct, procedures for complaint, confidentiality etc. This may debunk some truths that other coaches unfortunately put out there your client may have heard about.

9. Clearly outlining payment and cancellations. This avoids awkwardness and misunderstanding. I prefer to take care of charging my clients before a session, not after.

10. Clearly stating you operate under principles of fairness and reasonability.

I strongly advocate having good terms and conditions, and coaching agreements available. We will release some of them through the Global NLP Training store in the future. Not only are they legally a wise move for a coach, also from a marketing & informational perspective they are hugely beneficial. Sign up for our newsletter, if you wish to stay informed of the release.