Logical Levels of NLP and Change


The logical Levels of NLP form an excellent framework to do NLP and life coaching. We determine our values, set our goals, design tasks, milestones and propel ourselves forward into change. What is important to keep in mind is that change has a logical hierarchy … not just for NLP based change, but for any change. It is ideal to know these logical levels and to ask the right (meta model) questions in designing an action plan.

The logical levels of NLP from the lowest level to the highest level:
1. Environment
2. Behavior
3. Capabilities/skills
4. Beliefs and values
5. Identity
6. Purpose

Example questions to discover each level of the hierarchy:

Environment: external factors or constraints
When specifically?
Who specifically?
With whom specifically?

Behavior: performance, actions and reactions
What is it specifically that you say?
What is it specifically that you do?

Capabilities: knowledge, skills, competencies
How specifically?
How specifically do you do it?
What specifically are your capabilities?
What specifically are you (not yet) capable of?

Beliefs and values:
What specifically is important to you?
What specifically do you believe in?

Identity: how you think of yourself
Who are you?

Purpose: the bigger picture
What for?
Who for?
What is your mission?

The rules of thumb in the logical levels of NLP are:
1. A higher level organizes information of the lower levels.
2. Changes in the lower levels CAN affect a change in the higher levels
3. Changes in the higher levels WILL affect a change in the lower levels
4. Solutions are usually found in a higher level than where the problem is located.

NLP Logical Levels

Global NLP Training specializes in small group seminars in very intimate settings (and beautiful beach locations such as California, Florida, and Bali.) For this reason, and the 15+ years of experience level of our trainers we are capable of teaching extremely advanced patterns that work on the purpose, identity, and values/beliefs layers. That’s why we teach NLP and life coaching using NLP. Though it is common to learn how to do a parts integration, it is less common to learn how to do core change work, deep values based work, and bringing those on to a deeper level of timeline work.

If you look at the 4 rules of thumb, you will begin to realize that the logical levels of NLP will actually be able to not only give you a better understanding of which layer each specific pattern operates on, but also help you with which tool to select.