Life Coach Training Miami & NLP Practitioner April 2013 Review


The Miami life coach and NLP Training didn’t have an “easy” take off.  Though our motivational coach trainer already canceled a few months before due to exams, I found myself without the scheduled senior trainer fairly last minute as well.  And that for a completely sold out NLP Practitioner and almost sold out life coach and NLP master training. It never seizes to amaze me as a business owner, how quickly I can pick up the phone, and rely on my team. Jose who wasn’t scheduled for this seminar to manage the Global training alongside his other training engagements, and flying in Benjamin from the Amsterdam crew.

It couldn’t have been more than perfect timing, that we found ourselves in a fun loving easy-going international group of people. Ready to commit to learn, and make personal transformational changes along the way. An international crowd flying in literally from all corners of the earth. It offers an interesting group to mix a Colombian former minister of environmental affairs, with a veteran of war, women taking care of ailing elderly parents, coaches and coaches-to-be in various flavors, extremely successful entrepreneurs, a former rodeo cowboy, a professional dog walker, and so on.  All to embark on a trip called Global NLP Life Coach Training.

This time at a new training location in North Miami Beach, it really couldn’t be more perfect for this group. It was possible for the students to do the exercises outside, with a stunning beach front view, palms trees swaying, and the blue ocean so typical of Miami in the background.

The locale was also great for other reasons, as this is one of the most social groups I have seen in a long time. The magic of the group was phenomenal. What we did for a living, and where we came from was soon to be forgotten. And it turned out to be an extremely social crowd, gathering each evening at the back of the hotel to have fun and loudly singing along to a not-so-well performed version but in our minds extremely well performed version “What’s going on” by the Four Non-Blondes.  Also, I have to say, I got my very own first serenade by a student.

guitarI look back at this group with an extreme sense of gratitude because I haven’t heard this much laughter inside a training ever. And that says a lot, as there is a lot of laughter in each training. The students showed all of the trainers so much love and kindness. The changes in that room, were nothing short of phenomenal especially after master, I contribute that to the courage, and trust the students had in us for the demos but also each other during practice.

Team Global Miami mixed with team Amsterdam turned out to be a phenomenal mix. In fact 3 students who planned to be there only for NLP Practitioner, booked before Master was over,  the NLP Master Practitioner Amsterdam in October. Yes, half way around the world! And since then most of the other NLP Practitioner students in this class have signed up for future master trainings.  The highest percentage of immediate bookings (within 3 months after class) for master we ever had in any of our locations.



  1. This WAS a magical group, as you say, Nikki. I am humbled by the ways in which Life always is right on Time when we allow ourselves to let go and simply FLOW. I am filled with gratitude for your guidance and light; for your blindly trusting nature and for opening the space for me to step into and do something my heart simply overflows with joy over. Here’s to the adventures left for 2013!

  2. From the first moment I walked into our fancy training room and asked, ” Am I at the right place? ” till we had our last drink celebrating the successful completion our course, I felt like I belong to a great team and attending this training was one of the best decisions I have made in my life.

    I can’t find a word to describe the connection we established with my group mates and with you guys, our amazing trainers. It was just magical. What is more amazing is that we all are still very closely in touch and still supporting one and other towards our journey in life.

    As for the quality of our NLP training, you realize its incredible worth when you leave the training and meet other NLP practitioners from different training backgrounds and notice how professionally you have been trained compared to them.

    Thank you! I am looking forward to learning with you again. You’ve done an amazing job.

    I wish the best for you and for Global NLP team.

    With love,

  3. This was a GREAT experience on so many levels – challenging and rewarding while laying a solid foundation for the rest of my timeline (…). I am very much in the starting phase of my coaching profession but still in awe of the reverberations of our prac time in Miami… thank you, Nikki and team, for leading the way!

  4. And thank you Armando, hope you will do a re-take at some point. 🙂 Or stop by for a quick visit.