Life Coach Training and NLP Los Angeles June 2013 Review


A new location in Los Angeles this time around for our life coach training & NLP (Master) Practitioner. And what a great location it was, right at the Marina Del Rey harbor, overlooking a beach, palm trees and comfortable patches of grass for the students to practice on.

Though the amount of locals booking was again low like previous years, we had people flying in from all over the world, and over 30% in referrals from classes given in other locations. People from our last two classes in Miami and Amsterdam, but also from years ago. Also, we had 2 spouses join from former students who trained for NLP Practitioner & Master Practitioner in Miami. It’s fun to see how former students are married to truly wonderful human beings. And if I ever found myself near their homes, I could ring a doorbell and be welcome for a family dinner. I am still considering my travel-around-the-world hanging out with former students idea, HAH!

Also this time around people from all over the planet, Europe, Asia, Middle-East, South/Latin America, and all over North-America. And also in this Los Angeles training 3 people booking for the second week during Pracitioner while they originally were planning on staying for just one.

The class couldn’t be more diverse, from an occupational therapist for the US armed forces taking care of returning soldiers, to a former Mister Gay Europe, an indian  woman with dreams to transform the school system, to a life coach and yoga teacher specializing in aging.  And then I am not mentioning a mother of 10, a therapist specializing in rape victims, a techie from the UN, a woman preparing for Iron Man and so on. Over the years I have learned that we have more in common has human beings, than that we are different. Our behaviors may be different, but in essence we are the same. Yet, everyone has a story. I marvel at the stories I hear. Everyone is capable of writing a compelling (auto)biography that I would want to sit in a front row seats for when it is turned into a movie. Maybe, I am a little biased where it comes to the students that join us.

This time around Chris Ramey took the lead in this training, if students would follow us around in the evening time they would think we make a stand-up comedy duo. We can even make seemingly boring discussions about diet coke (“Obesity-in-a-can” and “cancer in a cup”),  Stuvia which isn’t stevia (“little bags of frankenfoods”) and my mission to educate America (as in Chris) to avoid GMOs (Genetically Modified Foods which is most products in the USA and mostly banned in other countries.). I think the most hilarious part of the training, I actually missed, were the students doing their own unplanned stand-up comedy routines during Emotional Intelligence training. As new NLP Master Practitioners and life coaches, they definitely know how to switch emotional states.

What struck me about the final class picture, was a whole big group of people smiling! It just radiated. Another phenomenal class, it was sad to part on the last day.

I also made some important decisions this training, now that the Global team is settling into comfort of doing 7 trainings a year for over 5 years now.

  1. Providing a Master class for NLP Master Practitioners only starting in 2014, for which we will cap registration in order to keep the class manageable at that advanced level.
  2. Adding 1 more training location in the US, for NLP Practitioner only (location already determined.)
  3. Adding  1 more training location outside Europe and the US (several locations are currently in due diligence, more could still be added.)

We will communicate our class schedule for 2014 somewhere around the September/October time frame this year. I am busy negotiating. 🙂

Written by: Nicole Schneider, Owner Global NLP Training and Life Coach Certification Los Angeles


  1. Hi Chris, yes we are currently negotiating all the hotels again. Our usually schedule which we plan to follow again in 2014:

    January, April, September: Miami
    May, October: Amsterdam
    June, November: Los Angeles

    And we will be adding another California location for NLP Practitioner only this year as well. Plus another full course training outside of the US or Europe.

    Be well!

  2. I hope you could have a Scandinavian course, cause all the NLP schools in Norway are always fully booked (After some marketing research from our assistant) Hopefully Global also can pay us a visit the next year! 🙂