Kelly King “Keep the Dream Alive!”

Keep the Dream Alive

Do you remember last years interview for Global NLP Radio with Kelly King? I suggest you listen to it again, if you need your faith restored that dreams actually can come true needs a little boost. I know so many of you out there, no matter what your passion is, struggling, dreaming, hoping, dealing with rejection or failure. Keep the Dream Alive!

When I met Kelly her then “shattered-never-gonnna-happen” dream was singing in front of a stadium sized audience. Something she was groomed to do since age 10 as a professional singer, but it never happened. While listening to the interview keep in the back of your mind the Kelly King just won the Vina Del Mar international song festival in Chile, performing in front of 30.000 people, Sir Elton John, and millions watching around the world. Yes Kelly WON!!!!

Dreams do come true, not just through hard work, to stay the course during rejection, but simply trusting your purpose and aligning yourself with your core value! And just having a good time out there connecting to people with your talent and using your brain differently.

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I know there are well connected Global NLP Training students out there HELP! Let me spell it in the sand H-E-L-P! Kelly needs exposure in the USA and around the world. She is by herself, doesn’t have a team of people, public relations professionals…heck she probably gets her hair cut around the corner like we do. This is the moment that America and the world needs to start paying attention. Have contacts that can give her air time anywhere? Pass it on folks.


Get Kelly King to Madison Square Garden! Keep the Dream Alive