NLP Timelines can be a great addition to your gratitude journal. Here is a design that I made.

For our Smartphone app users this is where you can find the video that belongs with the below pattern as a demo:

Improvement to Your Gratitude Journal Using NLP TimelinesTime400

1. Close your eyes and go inside. Float your awareness back to a time when you reached a goal. Make sure you are looking through your own eyes. In NLP we call this association or the first perceptual position of NLP.
2. Make a vivid representation of what you would see, hear and feel the moment that you reach this goal.
3. What specifically are you grateful for? Just strictly focus on gratitude.
4. Float your awareness out of your body at that moment in time (3rd perceptual position, dissociation) to the time before the goal.
5. What was the process like? The hard work you did, the wisdom you obtained, how you got through the harder days. The process towards the goal is often more important than reaching goal.
6. Float to the moment of the goal and see yourself reaching the goal as the result of the process.
7. Float a little further (we are still in the past, the moment after the goal.) Notice yourself setting new goals and enjoying the benefits of the goals already reached. What specific new opportunities did you get? Who, specifically, did you meet as a result? What bigger goals were you willing to set as a result?

8. Float back towards the present. And in your mind list 3-5 things that you are in gratitude for as result of reaching your goal(s.)

9. Float further into the future, where you are going to set a new goal. Consider the process that was successful in the past. And associate into that you reaching that goal, as if you are looking through your own eyes again (association.) What do you see, hear and feel? What specifically are you grateful for? How will it enhance your life? Etc.

10. Float back towards the present, and then open your eyes.

11. On a piece of paper (better yet your gratitude journal) write down 3 things that you are in gratitude for as a result of this process.

More coming soon in this NLP Gratitude series.