How to Network Using NLP


How does one lead a networking conversation or conduct a client intake? This is a tip from an experienced coach in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. This tip can be used in any conversation.
If you wish to offer people a service, what it is really about is bridging a gap for the client (instead of you!). You need to focus on 4 steps in the conversation.

Step 1: The Current Situation
What is your current situation, your frustration, or challenge? What does this mean on a daily basis? What does it feel like, sound like, look like? Ever noticed how people are experts on what they do not want?

Step 2: Future Vision
What is it that you would like to have instead? What would it feel, sound, and look like to achieve that? How, specifically, would that change your life? What would that feel like, sound like, and look like? What would the result be? How would that make you feel?
In this step, make sure the client states what he or she does want, instead of doesn’t want. Otherwise, help them switch it to a positive statement.

Step 3: Identifying the Gap
What specifically is holding you back? What is stopping you from getting what you want?

Step 4: Your Offer
Present your services as the solution and then you repeat what your client just said. What would happen to your life if you did?

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