How to Improve Any Skill?


This article is a transcription of the following video from our YouTube channel:

So how can you improve at just about anything? Well, if you for instance have done a certain activity that you’d like to do better, what I want you to do is imagine that it’s not you doing the activity but instead some amazing expert. I want you to notice when you would look at that person what exactly they would be saying, how they carry their body for instance, do they think before they speak, are they animated or not, what makes them so brilliant at what they do. I want you to notice what kinds of qualities this person has, qualities that you could adopt.

Then what I want you to do is notice yourself doing that exact same activity but now with some of the qualities, or all of the qualities, of that expert or that particular person who knows how to do this really, really well. How could you adjust and improve your behavior?

Then what I want you to do is imagine that you can float your awareness into that you in that particular situation, and I want you to notice what you see, hear, and feel at that moment in time. How does that change your result in adopting those new particular behaviors? I want you to imagine a time in the future the next time when you’ll be doing this activity, and I want you to notice how that changes fully and completely as you know how to adjust your skillset.