How Assisting in Class has made me a better Coach and Practitioner

Coach and Practitioner

Unconscious competence is a wonderful thing! When first learning to drive a car, there is so much new information that needs to be attended to. All of the mirrors, pedals, blinkers, other cars, sounds etc. can be overwhelming, not knowing what to pay attention to when. Eventually, with repetition, practice, and the occasional guidance from experienced drivers, all of those things become automatic and you have no problems driving even while attending to other tasks, only to realize that you have arrived at your chosen destination without much conscious attention at all!

Assisting in the Global NLP Training room provides a similarly rich and powerful environment for evolving your skills toward greater levels of competence, fluency, and mastery.

Every time I assist in the training, there are new portions of the learning which have become automated in my behavior since the previous time. Once you become comfortable with a skill enough to leave it to your unconscious mind, your conscious awareness becomes free to focus on things which are new, beyond what you had previously integrated. This freeing of conscious processes also allows you to notice things that may have slipped by you in previous trainings, creating even greater insights and connections.

Not only is the repetition and review beneficial, but each time I have assisted with the training I also have new experiences with coaching that I bring with me into the training room. The Global NLP training becomes richer and richer with the more coaching experience that you can bring into the training room and the more real life examples that you have to refer to.

The different students in each training group also make each training experience unique and a great resource to becoming a better practitioner and coach. Different people react differently in each demo which gives you a broader experience base with each of the patterns. Also, the different backgrounds of the students within each training group shift the direction of the training in subtle yet powerful ways. The students guide the training in different directions based on the questions that they ask, based on their personal life experience, and based on the direction they desire to move in.

In assisting you get to learn from the mistakes of those who are learning for the first time, as well as learn from the skills that each unique practitioner brings to the table.

These only begin to describe the ways in which assisting in the Global NLP Training room provides a rich environment for becoming a better Practitioner and Coach. Practice makes perfect, teaching others is the quickest path to mastery, and the more angles that you see/experience something from, the richer your understanding is and the more comfortable you become with the processes. The question should not be how does assisting in the training make one a better practitioner and coach, but how could it not!

Jason Schneider
NLP Master Practitioner
Global NLP Coach