Happy 2013, and 2012 in Review!


It has been a magnificent year for Global NLP Training once more. Seven fantastic groups joined us in Los Angeles, Miami as well as Amsterdam. I can honestly say, each group was wonderful in its own unique way. And yes, your group was the best! Perhaps.

Many students returned to observe the class again, some flying in from far off destinations to do so! This is really a big compliment, and such an addition to the class.

We also provided an additional two in-company trainings, in The Netherlands and Switzerland for NLP Practitioner specific to business.

Scott and I just came out of a 3 training vortex.  This year was tougher than usual, due to holidays a lot of our trainings had less space between them. We could hardly come up for air, but we loved it!

I also brought additional resource into our back-office early this year. Jacqueline joined us, and turned in to the student sweetheart, and company star! (Thank you, thank you, thank you Jacqueline.) She texts with students while in class!!!!!

Benjamin and Vanessa grew a lot as trainers this year, and did an amazing job. It allowed me to properly focus on the business instead of having to work around the clock.  Also the move provided more quality and diversity to our students. They bring a unique energy into the room, this particularly was noticeable in the last trainings.

A major accomplishment this year was our approval by the Dutch government as a vocational training school which allowed us to register for CRKBO.  We met 100% of the requirements as set forth by the European Union during the audit no less!!!!! I am extremely proud of this! This also means we are exempt from value added tax for our Amsterdam training.  This means a pricing increase is not required for our students, even though VAT levels in the Netherlands as well as our training costs have increased.

We launched an iPhone application in spring, followed by a now brand new release of the Android version. The amount of downloads and page views, are beyond any expectation we had.

We started both a former student newsletter as well as one for the general public. Also on facebook we did a lot of work, and thus experienced growth. Our NLP page has nearly 7000 members, and our company page is trucking along quite nicely. We also created a group page for each training, in the event the students didn’t create one themselves. In some of these, there is a lot of activity! Wow!!!

We have videotaped both the NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner which will be available for download to former students in our store in 2013!

Yes, we are at the brink of launching an online store. Releasing legal agreements specific to the use of NLP (created by a US based lawyer, and proofed by Master of Laws Nicole in Europe), and NLP forms (designed by a graphic designer, a desktop publisher and Nicole.)

Mark Gordon made 10 episodes for Global NLP Radio, and Nicole will gear up in 2013 working with a group of volunteer students to continue the effort.

Many esthetic and practical changes were made to the website, maintained our Google number 1 position for our search terms, streamlined the google advertising. All this thanks to Jeff and his amazing team at Lasolastech .

Also we made some significant program changes! We switched over how we teach the Milton model a few years ago, we knew that the effectiveness increased on how it is traditionally is taught in the world of NLP. But we have demonstrated proof our NLP Practitioners had a better command over the Milton Model, than NLP Practitioners that trained anywhere else.  Hearing someone with English as second language, help out a native English speaker NLP Practitioner trained with a famous trainer…you know you have done something right! This is just one of many examples. After a year of development, Nicole launched in October a new way to teach the Metamodel (which needed a different didactical twist than the Milton Model…and requires the use of props! Fun!)

Our focus on 2013:

  • Continue with Global NLP Radio and include training based podcasts
  • Release NLP Practitioner & NLP Master Practitioner Videos for former students
  • Release additional videos on specific NLP techniques
  • Re-branding (bye bye fish!)
  • Human resource changes & additional trainers will be contracted
  • Build out the iPhone and Android application
  • Development of a master classs
  • Release of additional products for starting NLP Practitioners & NLP Master Practitioners

We wish you an amazing year 2013!

Be well,

NIcole / Nikkie


  1. Amazing! Thank you so much for the post traning support and resources – truely unique. I still want to come back and learn more,  and I am honoured to be able to pass even a fraction of what I have learnt to my clients, to see their 'lightbulb' moment, to be observing their magnificent change. I had considered to train in counselling, my intuition took me to NLP and to Global – I am glad I trusted it, as It was the right choice. All of my clients have had counselling at some point in their life and it served its purpose at the time. It is NLP that has helped them move forward from the 'stuck' position and to 'see' a future and to be in control of it.  – Simply WOW! 🙂

  2. Hi Nikki, great seeing your progress last year. You are empowering a lot of people, good job!!! Wish you a great New Year.

    As for me, last year was very tough, Jeanna's health condition deteriorated until she passed away on October 31st and 4 days later my 22years old son died in a car accident. You could imagine how things has been after that. Trying to get back to life, accepting God's will and decorating my new house will take some effortbut I don' t have a choice. I am a warriores and have to do it for me, my husband and daughter and also for my son. Dont you think? Well, I wish you and Scott a lot more success 

  3. Hey Christina, awesome thank you!!! And good to hear from you. Funny you mention light bulb. Our new branding instead of the fish is a light bulb. 


  4. Oh my gosh Xio, I had no idea, no one told me. I am not in touch really with the people you and I have in common, other than very rarely Jaime.I am not quite what sure what the right words are to say to you right now are. Just that I am so sorry, and I am sending you positive energy. You and I always had a link, so I know you will feel it. I never met your son, but I have spent a great deal of time around you. ANd you are one of the most loving motherly energies around, which you so readily share and give to others to heal.I am sure your son was a total reflection of that. I wish that same loving healing energy that you give to others you use for yourself right now. You are indeed a warrior, I know you will turn their loss in to a resource for yourself and find a way for it to help transform others. The world needs you, as soon as you have spent time healing yourself. And do take your time. I know you are probably taking care of everyone, your family and your husband. But do save some of your energy for you OK? Really. It saddens me that Jeanna has passed away, I know how deeply you loved her and how great friends you are. When I read it this morning, I immediately got an image of you and her sitting in the back of the room…the jokes between friends and both enjoying a great time. Please take very good care of yourself. I just lit a candle in my house for son, and for Jeanna.