Global NLP Radio: Vivi Lampou (Greece) :: NLP and Burnout


Vivi Lampou is an organizational psychologist from Greece, she took NLP training to learn more about the resolution to burnout, and how to apply the techniques in her life.
She candidly talks about NLP in Greece. How is it received? What does the general public know about NLP? And what is the perception of psychologists when they consider the tools? What are the results of Vivi’s training, and how has she been applying it into the field of human resources, burnout, and stress? And how can we promote NLP in Greece? The more she talks about the tools, the more people understand it.
Job burnout, much like in the rest of the world, is a common problem in Greece as well. She highlights how you can find out if you currently have a burnout or not, the symptoms, cause, the difference between burnout and stress. Vivi highlights, how to use NLP in situations of burnout. She suggests using (small) techniques, and combine them.
Especially your main values and core value can play a resolution to burnout, help you to achieve job fulfillment, and help you to achieve happiness.  Also Vivi after her training had to reflect on her own values, and how she could get more out of life.  As a result she made some career shifts, and worked on some areas of her life where she could use a little more confidence.

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