Global NLP Radio: Ozioma Egwuonwu :: Life Coach


Global NLP Radio is proud to announce our first podcast featuring Ozioma Egwuonwu! Ozioma is the founder of Burnbright Lifeworks Inc., a successful life coaching and purpose planning company.

It all started with a dream for Ozioma! Now she coaches and consults with people from around the globe, and has developed her own revolutionary method for personal and professional transformation. Over the years she watched many transformations occur through her services: personal coaching, success seminars, business consultations and many more. Ozioma also teaches a course on Developing & Implementing Ideas at Columbia University and has served as a Vice President for several internationally recognized marketing/communications agencies.

Global NLP Radio produced by Mark Gordon, in association with Global NLP Training, were able to catch a few moments with Ozioma before jetting off to Europe for an international consulting engagement and writing a book! In the podcast she gives insight how someone can realize their dreams, start their own business, and create positive change. In addition she describes how another life coach prompted her to make a courageous decision to realize her own dreams, and how she picked the timing for her own training when she was ready! Global NLP Training is for one extremely grateful to her coach, for bringing Ozioma in to our lives, and the ability for her to shift her clients one at a time.

Global NLP Radio produced by Mark Gordon, in association with Global NLP Training offers exciting interviews in the realm of personal development, professional change and life coaching bi-weekly.

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