Global NLP Radio Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Global NLP Radio is produced by Mark Gordon in association with…..Global NLP Training!

Mark Gordon has now completed 10 interviews with former students, which will be made available on podcast via iTUNES and online download in February 2012. Each podcast will be a downloadable MP3 file, so you will be able to play it on your computer, your ipod or other devices. We will get out of the gate with two interviews, and then keep airing a new broadcast bi-weekly.

If you ever wondered what kinds of people are in different NLP training classes, Global NLP Radio will give you a clear insight.

The central theme will be ordinary people with an extraordinary story. Where former students talk about how they implemented NLP personally and professionally into their lives.  Mark Gordon did a phenomenal job, interviewing people from very diverse backgrounds, each offering amazing insight into their world. These podcasts are empowering, thought provoking, entertaining, about building dreams, starting (coaching) businesses, and give a very diverse view on the application of NLP.

Mark interviewed coaches working in the field of life coaching, business, entertainment and even the armed forces. Other interviews introduce us to powerful motivational speakers, senior business managers, a top 20 billboard recording artist, even a luxury yacht boat captain, and many more!

Global NLP Training met Mark Gordon as part of his NLP Master Practitioner & life coaching training. Mark and Nicole (Founder Global NLP Training) decided to embark on a journey bringing to fruition an ambitious project called “Global NLP Radio.” Mark Gordon is the host of Center Stage, aired every Tuesday 7 PM (PST) on KXLU Los Angeles. Center Stage is a talkshow where Mark interviews people from the entertainment business either in public view or behind the scenes. Some of people he interviewed are: Quentin Tarrantino, Holly Hunter, Sting, Benicio del Toro, Gwyneth Paltrow, and many more.

In addition Mark is the owner and principal coach of Mark Gordon Coaching, a successful coaching company operating out of the Marina Del Rey area in California. Mark also provides phone based coaching around the world. Despite the name of his company, he also coaches people who aren’t named Mark Gordon. 🙂

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Listen to Mark, each Tuesday evening at 7 PM (PST) on KXLU Los Angeles streaming at:

In February 2012 additional links will be provided to the Global NLP Radio podcasts.