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Between book signing sessions and appearances in the media Global NLP Radio was lucky to sit down with Ashley Berges.

Ashley is no stranger to positive change! As a young child, she was diagnosed with an extremely rare painful dis-ease. She barely could walk five feet, and endured several experimental surgeries in the process. Medical professionals predicted a life confined to a wheel chair, undergoing in excess of 50 surgeries, and a tremendous amount of pain. She decided to take matters into her own hands instead, and to never visit that doctor again. He didn’t have the answers she was looking for. She found a way to heal herself and lead a happy life on her own.

Her road to recovery offered her profound lessons into the underlying structure to happiness, and the path to fulfillment and success. She wrote a book, and got published! “Live your true life” is a book about finding happiness in all areas of life, it offers a guide tor achieve inner peace, love, happiness, balance and success. Offering clarity as to how empowerment can be reached. It talks about building and maintaining the right friendships, relationships, authenticity, how to cope with regrets, and moving forward pro-actively.

Ashley talks about her experience with NLP, the resolution to her spider phobia despite being skeptical. She was surprised as to how effective NLP was, as she had no expectations, and really didn’t know what NLP was. Ashley also was part of a demonstration in class in regards to some significant emotional events in her life in her past. An intense process, during which you could hear a pin drop in the room. It ended up being life changing for her.

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