Feldenkrais and NLP Podcast


Feldenkrais and NLP, what is the relationship? And how can Feldenkrais help an NLP Practitioner to propel their work forward? In order to fully satisfy all elements of change: thinking, emotion, and body. Though a lot of resources are available about both methods individually, the combination of both is extremely rare. Which is strange, because any NLP practitioner truly serious about their craft, researching and digging deeper will have learned about the method.

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I invited Larry Goldfarb from Mind in Motion, to join me for a conversation. Globally, Larry is one of the top certified teacher trainers of the Feldenkrais method, who personally studied with Moshe Feldenkrais. But what few people know is that Larry took the very last trainers training provided by both co-creators of NLP combined, in the early days. He incorporated a lot of NLP in his work. Which can easily be observed inside his teachings.

This podcast provides answers to the question:Mind in MOtion Open House
– What is Feldenkrais?
– What is the relation with NLP
– Who can benefit from the method
– Where to learn more
– Did the creators of both methodologies ever meet or work together?
– Becoming a teacher.

The first segment (approximately 5 minutes), may be considered a little slow pace, as it is taken from a promotional video for the 5th Amsterdam teacher training. It is a nice introduction of the method. The other segments are a discussion between Larry and myself. As an NLP Trainer I have experienced a lot private and public lessons, and to me it is the missing link in NLP, as it is NLP for the body. I will be joining the 5th Amsterdam teacher training as a student, as well as a faculty member teaching a full NLP Practitioner certification.

mindinmotion2For those of you in Amsterdam, it is possible to experience Feldenkrais for free Sunday the 28th of August at 18.30 PM in Amsterdam. Sign-up here. You can find out more about the 5th Amsterdam teacher training, and obtain recordings of the first week of a previous training here.  If you want to find out more about Larry and Mind in Motion visit his website at mindinmotion-online.com

You will be finding more information about Feldenkrais in relation to NLP on this blog soon.