Enhancing Gratitude NLP Pattern


This article is a transcript of the following video:

I want you to pick your top three gratitude pieces out of, let’s say, ten days of gratitude journaling. What I then want you to do is take gratitude piece number one and create an internal experience inside your mind, however that may represent itself inside your mind. I want you to see it, hear it, feel it, and you could even smell and taste it.

Now what I want you to do when you fully elicited that state in yourself of that thing or person that you’re grateful for, I want you to do a self-anchor. You can do that, for instance, with an object or something that you do, such as pressing your index finger and your thumb behind your back or something like that, or pound your chest, whatever you want to do. You do that with the second one as well as the third one. It’s a great way to self-anchor yourself into feeling gratitude over and over.