Practice the NLP Meta Model Part 1


The NLP Meta Model is taught inside the NLP Practitioner class.

The NLP Meta Model questions function as a tool to:
1) Make the unconscious conscious
2) To determine (unconscious) strategies the mind uses of problem, solution
3) To determine working or non-working strategies for thinking
4) To model someone with excellent behavior or extraordinary skill
5) Goal setting
6) Determining needs or requirements
7) Much more.

When the NLP meta model is learned, much like most of NLP, people try to tackle too many things all it once. The best way to eat an elephant is to take is one bite at a time.

You focus first on a few of the NLP meta model questions for example:
1) Who specifically?
2) How specifically?
3) What specifically?

Exercise 1:
Step 01. Pick any area of your life: physical environment, personal development, health, significant other, friends, family, career, finance, leisure time.
2. What specifically is your level of satisfaction in this area at this moment in time, a percentage between 0-100%.
3. Meta model yourself on this percentage both positive and negatively.
4. Determine what percentage you wish to be at 21 days from now.
5. Meta model yourself as to how you are going to achieve that.
6. Do the same for 3 months from now.

Exercise 2:
1. Do exactly the same with someone you know.
2. Follow-up with them 21 days later. And meta model what went right or wrong.
3. Meta model them on their strategy of implementation 2 months and 1 week later from that point onwards.

Next week more ways to practice the NLP Meta Model.