Easing the Client Into an NLP Pattern


This article is a transcript of the following video:

After finishing up a training in Ubud, Bali in Indonesia, I received a good question. Is there something that I like to do that’s out of the box that I don’t always show in the training to ease the client, either in a pattern or visualization? Could you even combine this with meditation or a gratitude journal or something like that?

The answer is yes, I love the setup for putting people in a space of love and safety and gratitude, something that we’re all after whether those are our values or not. And another thing I like to do is in a slow voice, in a god cadence, let the client visualize inviting people into the room that they are grateful for or provide them love and support. This doesn’t have to be people that are currently in the life of the client, though I would be careful with un-resourceful grief in this case. This could be a teacher from the past that supported you as a child, parents, siblings, extended family, friends, neighbors, anyone in your life, and I let these people come into the room and support the client, and I use the Milton model or nice language to emphasize as to why I’m inviting them into the room, what these people represent or stand for. It’s a really elegant and sexy way and a respectful way to kind of ease the client, especially into a bigger process so to speak.

And so that is my idea on that; there’s lots more to come.