Coach, Coaching and Social Media

Coach, Coaching and Social Media

As a coach and NLP trainer I use social media such as Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare and Linkedin. Frequently, I get asked the question should I be doing social media as a coach? Will I directly gain clients?

First and foremost, there are three reasons why I use social media.

1)Connecting with people in my personal life.

2)Connecting with past clients, offer post-coaching/training support.

3)Connecting with past clients, because I enjoy to know how people are doing, care about their wellbeing and happiness!

The nice thing is, I get a lot more out of social media for my coaching and training business than the above 3 reasons. I don’t like sales and marketing. I do love connecting to people, and make them feel good, and get them from a place where they are stuck to a place where they are unstuck. In a way, while connecting to people I market myself automatically. I have gained clients unintentionally.

Especially in a small coaching business, in a lot of ways you are the product! And if you are a person who offers value and professionalism, then people want to be coached by you! Clients want to “like” their coach, not just on Facebook, but as people.

I think it is important to treat your social media as a means to give value to your clients, not as a means for you to sell. As odd as this may sound, but remember people don’t like SPAM. And ultimately you being yourself, and offering something that is useful to someone else, that is the best advertisement you can do. So you sell more, by marketing less.  And why not enjoy the facebook experience, instead of turning it in to work?

In two weeks Coach, Coaching and Social Media Part 2