6 Steps to Starting an NLP Coaching Session


How do I start an NLP coaching session? This actually starts before I am even seeing or talking to my client.

Step 1: What information do I have prior to the NLP coaching session?

I go over any information or notes I may have, whether they are my notes from a previous session, any information I personally know about the client, or googling the client’s place of work (especially in NLP coaching for business.) I make notes about these; these are are not long pieces of text, as that becomes a pain. These are often small notes that I can easily access during the coaching.

Step 2:  Researchmacbook-336704_1280

If required I google, youtube, research information, or read an article on the topic. I usually don’t make notes on this piece, but may study and memorize. I may print out some materials.  In all honesty I tend to not use it, but it is helpful knowing that I could quickly glance at it if I wish to.

Step 3: Preparing the design, notes and information

This is when I start designing the NLP coaching session. Sometimes I use one of the known NLP patterns, other times I design, or I decide to do information gathering. And if it is information gathering, what is it that I wish to focus on? I write down what I need to have access to in as little notes as possible, then I rehearse in my mind. It is actually study, where the “test” would be the NLP coaching session. I need to have the information ready to fire. I also print out any materials that I may need, like a list of questions I am going to ask. Sometimes this might be a piece out of the training manual.

Step 4: Prepare for the unexpected

An NLP coaching session often goes into an unexpected or different direction. I may go over step 1-3 based on where the session “possibly” could go towards.

Step 5: Taking care of physical and other needs

I then take care of my physical needs: I eat, a quick meditation in a New York minute, and go to the bathroom. I tend to have already cleared off my desk well before then, but if there are still things there that are an anchor to other clients or other work, I make sure that this is put away. If I do a Skype session, and I doubt the reliability of my connection, sound, or video, I make sure that is checked and sorted.

Step 6: Stepping into my coaching self

I would say out of all the steps, this is the most important one of all. This is true no matter how well prepared I am.  Good coaching, no matter how skilled you are, falls or stands on your emotional state going into the session. Not just that I need to be able to communicate from a place of balance and well being, but as I build rapport with my clients (consciously or unconsciously,) I know I may pace and lead. Pacing and leading a client comes automatically with rapport, where I lead them in a similar state as I am in.

For more information about step 6, watch this video below.



Do you have any questions about any of these steps, so you can more adequately prepare for your next NLP coaching session?