5 Ways to Get Free NLP Training with Global NLP Training


It may surprise you, but a question we get a lot is if we offer free NLP training. When I first got the question, it shocked me, along with every person who managed our back-office. Some people feel entitled, others state reasons such as not having the money, or being from a particular country, or being a victim of something.

I completely understand how it feels frustrating that NLP is “so expensive.” That’s a matter of opinion, as one technique in training can already be the value of the entire investment. Life or work altering. How much would you pay to reach your goal? To get rid of a phobia? Forgive someone you care about? Sometimes it is also a matter of priorities; I’ve had students claim to be broke and wanting a discount or a free NLP training … and then after the training jet off to Vegas or some other holiday destination (that isn’t free either) to have a good time.

For some people, NLP training is still something they cannot afford, even after giving up Starbucks, their vacations, and anything that isn’t food, shelter, and medical care. Trust me, I am sensitive to it. We are, however, a for-profit company, not to be rich but to make a living and pay the bills. And so does my staff. I am not even referencing decades spent achieving mastery, the work, and risk to start my own business. I am fully aware that mastery and self-actualization scientifically is 70% effort, 20% talent, 10% opportunity. And because of that last 30%, I will spare you the lecture on the effort piece.

The group of people who feel that they cannot afford NLP training is too large. It is hard to sift through where I should serve the greater good. I want to be a social entrepreneur.

I decided long ago that social entrepreneurship meant that I raise money for the school of mentally disabled children in Bali and let people who have a track record for helping underprivileged children or families come to the training for free.

What are 5 ways to get free NLP training with Global NLP Training, and what are five ways in which we won’t?

We won’t give free NLP training:

  1. We don’t give free NLP training because you cannot afford it, but you really want it. We say no.
  2. Give NLP training for the mere fact that you are a victim. And I say this respectfully.
  3. You plan in the future to help a lot of people. Sadly, we really need to see a proven track record. So we can feel we are giving back to the universe.
  4. Because you have a lot of social media followers. I know the power of social media, but it is really the quality of your network. You could have millions of followers who will never be my customers. However, it is not impossible to get free NLP training if you have a lot of social media followers.
  5. You are willing to do something for us after the training. The irony is that when I ask someone to fulfill the barter before the training, they nearly always are unwilling to put in the hours that it takes.
  6. If you are a good person = I’ll give you free NLP training. Uhm, sure. Next.

But how can you get free NLP training with Global NLP Training?

  1. Can I have free NLP Training if we can do a barter?
    It is an exception, but we are willing to sometimes do barters in exchange for a discount or free training. Which is not really free, but this barter is based on extensive portfolios, education, and mastery. For example, the photos in our marketing were done on a barter, not with the photographer but a friend of his. The photographer is a professional photographer, who teaches photography at a university, is published, and exhibits. Mastery is what I am really after. I am never looking for someone who can shoot some video and edit a little. But a person who can make a real documentary, graduated film school, has a portfolio that can get her into a prestigious school, or experience taping seminars with an actual portfolio? Yes.
  2. Can I get free NLP training if I have a lot of social media followers?
    If you bring 5 of your followers to the training, you wish to take, all 6 of you show up on the first day of training, and 5 of them paid? You can get free NLP training. I cannot know what value your network has, and if it is “gold,” I am sure it is not that hard to get those 5 people to sign-up with you. Not that I am a fan, but if Kim Kardashian said she is coming to the net Bali NLP Training, others would go with her.
  3. Free NLP trainers training? Learn to do what you do?
    For a person under 32. Sure, you can follow me around the world, and help me. And I do not pay a dime. I can teach you what I do, this is a lot of work and takes years. I recommend doing so for 3-4 years. Seems like an insane investment? Sure, so is college. But I will very likely allow you to join me permanently at some point, and I pay, I may even let you take over my business when I retire.  I will make sure you will want to be in my company rather than compete.
    What if you are over 32? It depends on how much over 32. I am looking for someone to step in for me as I get older and someone who appeals to the millennial generation, xennials, and Gen Z. I am always open to offers I cannot refuse, though.
  4. Free NLP training for people who help underprivileged children?
    Yes, but only for those who can demonstrate that they do this. And we do check! Working or merely volunteering for an organization is not enough. This is really someone who does this in a full-time capacity and isn’t paid much, someone who moved to a developing country and gave up living near their family, or someone who is from a developing country and is a full-time schoolteacher of poor children. If you are that heavy hitter? Just contact us.
    Check-out our social entrepreneurship page here.
  5. Free NLP training if I bring a lot of friends?
    Yes, if it is this important for you to take NLP training, you will do the work to convince others to come. So, your free NLP training is a win-win situation.