5 Unique Ways to Gain Coaching Clients

  1. Gaining coaching clients through social entrepreneurship

    For myself as an NLP trainer and coach, clients find me in 3 ways: referral, Google, and social entrepreneurship. I wrote an eBook on this very topic, which comes with a free instruction video. This can be accessed through our website simply by signing up for it on the Social entrepreneurship page found here.

  2. Ask a life coach a question!

    A very easy way to get visibility and people to engage with you is to approach the owner of a small coffee place. Ask if they can hang a sign that there will be a coach on site one day of the week at a certain time. This is a way to advertise yourself through the coffee house advertising you, and for them to drum up some extra business for themselves too. You could make a sign that simply says “Ask a coach a question!” One student also used a helium balloon to attract attention.

  3. Collaborating with therapists (as coaching is not therapy)

    You are not a therapist, and the therapist is not a coach. A therapist is trained to work with people in ill-being, to get their clients back at a set-point where they are neither happy or unhappy. They are most certainly not in well-being, happy or mentally healthy. That’s where a coach comes in, and where a therapist is clearly not trained. This means collaborating with therapists for you to send them clients who are in ill-being, and for them to send you clients for you to bring forward from the baseline so they don’t need a therapist again in the future.

  1. Invite yourself for lunch

    Many companies love to have you over for lunch to teach or demonstrate a little coaching. This is a way through which I got many clients. I did not personally charge for these sessions, instead raising funds for a good cause. Another reason for not charging to tell your contact could be test driving a new workshop.

  2. Workshops for influencers

    Offering a workshop for those who talk to a lot of people such as hairdressers, personal trainers, school teachers, members of the Parent Teacher Association, sports trainers, art gallery owners, staff of a coffee house, etc. Think of others in your environment who spend time with those you would like to gain as coaching clients.