5 Tips for Practicing the Meta Model after NLP Training


The only way a person can truly master the meta model is by practicing a lot after their NLP Training. Here are the first 5 out of 10 useful tips to start wielding that meta model sword like a pro!NLP Training Meta Model

1. One bite at a time (just like you should practice your entire NLP training.)
Practice the meta model each day after your NLP training, by spotting one meta model violation at a time and using the corresponding question. So instead of using all of the meta model, just spot the universal quantifiers (all or nothing statements,) and use the appropriate questioning that comes with that.

2. Post-its and white board marker practice
I used to use white board markers to write down the Milton model after my first NLP training so I could practice 10 minutes day in my bathroom. You can easily use post-its or white board markers to practice the meta models in any location that suits you.

3. Meta model away on Google+ or Facebook
Practicing the meta model can easily be done by watching your friends updates and commenting. Google+ and Facebook probably were never more fun?

4. Listening to the Radio or Reading the Paper on Your Way Home
You can practice the meta model while driving home from work, and simply listen to anyone who talks on the radio. And when you spot how vague they are, you can call out which questions you want to ask. There are more NLP training related things you could check for.

5. Commercials and Advertisements
A lot of vagueness can be found in TV, radio, or print. Spot the meta model violations, and ask yourself which questions correspond. What always strikes me every time I travel to or from an NLP training anywhere in the world, is how many advertisements, immigration forms, and airport rules are extremely vague and worthy of a meta modeling job.


  1. Thanks for this! Because your tag said you only gave 5 out of the 10 tips my mind started to read the post from a different perspective, one of there is at least 50% more to know. I am amazed to discover how much more attention I can pay in so many places. I need to go find my training manuals and read as if I am learning for the first time.