5 Ways to Improve Your Skills After NLP Practitioner Training


Part 1 to this article: 5 Tips to Improve Your NLP Practitioner Skills

There are so many tips I could give as to how to improve your skill set after taking your NLP Practitioner training.

Here are my tips 6 – 10:

6. Improve upon Your State Elicitation

State elicitation is everything, and it is a big part of being able to improve your results. Whether it’s simply being able to create more rapport with the client because you put them in a good state, improve your purity of state for an anchor, or creating a stellar visualization. There are so many different ways to elicit a state, so keep experimenting!

7. Talking Someone into a Different Perceptual Position of NLP

Linguistically switching someone into a different perceptual position is an art, especially when a person is chronically stuck in one perceptual position (for example someone extremely stuck in 1st.) Brainstorm how you can improve your skillset, by writing down different sentences, pointing and gesturing, etc.

8. Building Rapport in More Than One Way

Ever considered matching and mirroring someone, while utilizing their psycho-geography and their predicate use? If not, then mastering this will help you jump your skill set after your NLP Practitioner training forward like you have never experienced before. In your NLP practitioner training will have learned multiple ways to do so.

9. Setting Anchors in Different Ways

If you are used to setting kinesthetic anchors, consider switching to visual or auditory ones. Or of course, a combination of two.

10. The Meta Model!

Of course I have to include the meta model! NLP would have never been created if it weren’t for the meta model. If you already know the meta model as a whole, make an effort to spend your day questioning others. If you don’t know it as a whole, then pick 3 meta model violations each day, and practice them.

And remember, as a licensed professional there is really a lifetime of improvement possible after taking an NLP Practitioner training!