5 NLP Meta Model Practice Games Using the Global NLP Training Cards


In a previous article, we wrote about our NLP Meta Model cards and added three different card games for you to start practicing with. In this article, we will give you five more games!

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NLP Metal Model Game – Using News Sources
Needed: Coach Cards, some news sources like a newspaper, magazine, or TV program
Mode: Single player
  1. Consider the NLP coach cards to be your training wheels, which means that when you master “what specifically,” you remove those cards from your deck.
  2. Use the first coaching card.
  3. Read, listen to, or watch your news source. Once you’ve read or heard a place where you could ask the journalist this NLP coaching card question, you ask the question out loud.
  4. Move on to the next coaching card. Continue with each of the cards.
NLP Meta Model Game – A Dinner Conversation
Needed: NLP Coach cards
Mode: Multi-player
  1. Divide all the NLP Coach cards between players.
  2. Consider, as a group, a conversation topic you would typically have at a dinner table.
    For example: updating each other on your lives, scheduled experiences or vacations, other people, etc
  3. Start the conversation and try to be as organic about it as possible. The whole game needs to run organically (meaning, if someone were listening to an audio recording of the conversation, they wouldn’t even be aware that you are doing a practice exercise).
  4. Ask each other the meta model questions. Once a question has been asked, no one may ask another question for at least 46 seconds. If you have asked the question, you must wait at least 3 minutes until you can ask another question.
  5. The first person to get rid of all of their cards is the winner!
NLP Meta Model Game – The Most Exhausting Client
Needed: NLP Coach cards and Client cards
Mode: Two players
  1. Each player gets an equal amount of Coach cards and Client cards
  2. Player 1 is the client first. Set the clock to 7.5 minutes.
  3. Player 1 starts with the first client statement.
  4. Player 2 poses a question from the NLP Coach cards.
  5. Player 1 answers it (as if they are the client).
  6. After 7.5 minutes, count how many NLP coaching cards have been used.
  7. Reverse roles.
  8. The player who got rid of the most cards wins.

You can easily adapt this game to have more players.

NLP Meta Model Game – Day in Review
Needed: 3 different NLP Coach cards
Mode: Single player
  1. Select 3 different Coach cards
  2. Talk about your day while trying to be as vague as possible when it comes to the 3 different NLP Coach cards.
  3. Talk about your day again. This time, be as specific as possible when it comes to the 3 Coach cards.
NLP Meta Model Game – The Negative Client
Needed: NLP Coach cards and Client cards
Mode: Single player
  1. When you think you have a level of proficiency, select 10 Client cards.
  2. Put the Coach cards aside for now.
  3. Meta model statement as best as you can.
  4. Verify with the NLP Coach cards that you have asked all questions.
  5. Repeat.