5 NLP Alternative Travel Exercises for Exploring


There was a time in my life where I was obsessed with alternative travel. This is when you experience a location in a new way, even your home town!

NLP Alternative Travel Exercises

Memory Lane of a Complete Stranger

Find a local person and ask this person to take you to a location where there are a lot of memories for them. Ask them to tell the story 4 tupled, meaning they describe what they saw, heard, felt, smelled, and tasted at that moment. Provide the person with an example first as to what that would sound like, describing where you come from.

While listening to this person, imagine being in their shoes. Being their age at the time, their culture, their gender, etc. Imagine what you would see, hear, and feel.

Finding Excellence

If you had to build a “circle of excellence,” and any time you stepped into this circle, you would feel excellent. What positive emotions or resources would be inside of it specifically? For instance, joy or power.

Walk around for an hour and find the metaphor or representation in the location where you are. For instance, for joy, you can take a picture of a smiling baby, the sun, a flower. For power, you could take a picture of a powerline, a tall building.

Take a picture of each metaphor or representation.
You could make a photo album; a souvenir is an anchor after all.

Eye Access the Bartender or the Barista

Go into a local coffee house or bar and ask the bartender/barista for his or her favorite bar/coffee house. You ask for the address of the place that has the most Vr (eyes go up and to your right), followed by a K (eyes go down to your left).

Go to this location and repeat the same process. You could alternate the bar and the coffee house, of course, it depends if you wish to go barhopping or not.

Blind Meal

Most major cities have them now: a restaurant where you have to eat in complete darkness and the wait staff is blind. Google if there is a restaurant like this in the city you are travelling to.

You would essentially have to eat local cuisine blind. Also, you will notice that if you cannot use your visual senses, you will need to rely on your kinesthetic senses more. It is a unique experience, and if you concentrate, your brain ends up learning how to use the kinesthetic system better. In NLP, we call that “sensory acuity.”

Postcards to Self

Any time you visit a nice location in a city, sit down for a moment an write yourself a postcard. Describe what you see, hear, and feel. Use the Milton model. You can also write a note to your future self (future pace).
Put a stamp on the postcard and:

  1. Ask someone to mail it three months from now.
  2. Put the postcard at the back of the rack in the store, add the words “this card is paid for, please mail.”


That’s it. With some imagination, you can make up many NLP Alternative travel exercises.